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Arcuz, Top 20 free-to-play RPG

In Meowcenaries, you control an elite squad of kittehs as they try to rescue the president from the maniacal Evilcat. Guide the platoon through 20 (plus 2 sekret!) punishing levels of action, dispatching enemy kittehs from wherever they emerge, rescuing hostages, and capturing or destroying Evilcat strongholds. Gameplay is a mix of action and strategy-you must decide the best course through the sprawling environments and which objectives to tackle first. LOL.


Arrow keys or W/A/S/D keys - Control your cats' movement along the ground. You control the lead cat in the squad; the others follow.

Mouse - Controls where your kittehs are looking. Kittehs always look where the mouse pointer is. Aim your guns by placing the mouse over or in the direction of the target you would like to shoot at.

Standard gun - Click the mouse or push the space bar to shoot.

Grenades - When you have a grenade, hold down the G or Shift keys and click the mouse on the target you would like to hit. Unlike the standard gun, you must actually click on the spot you want the grenade to land on.

Rockets - When you have the rockets (introduced on the first Desert level), hold down the R or / key and click the mouse to shoot. But make sure you are far enough away from the resulting blast or you'll deaded your kittehs.

Flame Thrower - Works just like the standard gun. Face enemies, click mouse to shoot. You cannot toggle this weapon on or off; once you collect it, it's on until your ammo runs out.


Collect cheezburgrs - Five are hidden on every level. Collecting (nomming) cheezburgrs determines the grade you will get when you finish the mission.

Your current objective is shown in the circle at the bottom-middle of the screen. For missions with multiple objectives, once you complete the current goal it will switch to the next.

Kittehs that survive a mission undeaded will receive a promotion star. The more stars your cats have the faster, further and more accurately they can shoot their standard-issue machine gun.

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