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Exporting Flash Animations to Cocos2d ActionsExporting Flash animations to actions is a topic that has been in my mind since some months ago. Spritesheets based animations are very limited in terms of sprites size and frame rate. The more frames you have, the more memory you consume. And the bigger the sprites, the more memory you need as well.

However, actually, memory usage has not been an issue in the projects I have worked so far. So, exporting Flash animations to cocos2d is a task that I have been procrastinating… till now.

The problem: Muster my Monsters and high quality animations

Muster my Monsters is a very simple game in terms of gameplay: it is basically a rock-paper-scissors game with a nice dress. Actually, a very nice one because it has forced me to solve the problem of exporting Flash animations to cocos2d.

Muster my Monsters aimation spritesheetHere you have a video preview of the game that shows the kind of animations that the game features. By the way, all the game art (including all character design and animation) is done by, an incredibly talented Flash artist and developer.

As you can see, the characters are very big. Actually, they take about 70-80% of the screen size when the zoom effect is active. The characters are extremely detailed Flash vector images and the animations are very smooth (due to the Flash interpolating/tweening system). That’s why the resulting spritesheets are huge.

So, to give you some rough numbers, in the Windows Phone version we have 2 characters but we plan to increase it to 5-8 for the iOS version. Every character has 9 animations. On average, every animation has about 16-18 frames and every frame is a 420×400 image. I needed to build a 2048×2048 spritesheet for every animation of every character…

The download size of the resulting binary would be prohibitive. And also the memory consumed during execution. So, even using a compressed texture format, this is kind of a problem :p

The solution: procedural animation

The first thing that came to my mind was to use some already existing tool that will allow us to create procedural animations and import them into my iOS-cocos2d game engine. I found out two interesting tools: and the new version of .

Both tools has some basic procedural animation support. But, currently, they are intended to animate things like menu buttons and UI elements in general. So, although, it would be possible to create the animations in Muster my Monsters using these tools, it would probably not be the best solution. I also considered, but the early stage of the project put me back from it.

Moreover, Javi is already a talented Flash artist so exporting Flash animations to cocos2d seemed to be the way to go.

First try: Importing Flash XML file

I have never developed in Flash, so my first attempt was to avoid all kind of interaction with it :p Flash has a nice feature that allows you to export an entire Flash project in XML format. It seemed the easiest solution as it will allow me to focus on the iOS-cocos2d side.

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