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Adult Adventure Flash games

Style adventure games (and is your official Adult Swim site for free original online games like Amateur Surgeon, Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, My Lil Bastard, Meowcenaries, Vending Machine Champ and HRmageddon. We also have a few online games based on some of our shows, like Inuyasha Demon Tournament, Venture Bros. Flight of the Monarch, Squidbillies Floor It and Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Worst Game Ever. But we're mainly doing original online games these days. So, if you like online puzzle games, online fighting games, online twitchy games, online strategy games and even some first person shooters, we're the place to visit. Enjoy the free online games!

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Free Flash Games (No really, they are free)

by NerdRageGames

Free flash games of all genres. Action, adventure, rpg, multiplayer, puzzle, word, management and more.
All games are free except for a few. They are kind of like the Facebook games. You don't HAVE to pay to play but there are certain items i.e energy, that you can purchase.

Que Publishing ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University (2nd Edition)
Book (Que Publishing)