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Adventure Game Studio is a free engine and toolkit for the creation of point-and-click adventure games. Since its appearance in 1997, it’s grown in scope to the point where it’s now utilised in many commercial titles. Lewis Denby put on his fictionsuit and plunged face-first into the world of AGS – taking a look at the games and speaking to some of the developers who swear by it. Let’s see what it means to them.

Last summer, I set myself a project: to learn Adventure Game Studio and try my hand at making a couple of small games. I knew that it was a free engine and toolkit for the development of classic point-and-click adventures, and had the idea that it was a stripped-back, basic engine-in-a-can that was capable of some interesting stuff in the right hands, but mainly targeted at amateurs. Even knowing this, what I found surprised me.

AGS is, in fact, an enormously capable toolkit, brimming with possibilities. It’s true that it can’t handle 3D graphics or much other fanciness, but with just some basic scripting knowledge you can create surprisingly complex adventure game logic. It’s aimed at amateurs, but that doesn’t always restrict what you can do with it.

I’ll wager that quite a few people reading RPS have played AGS games without knowing it. You might have even bought one in a shop. Bold and intricate games like Gemini Rue – which Comrade Cobbett called “one of the best commercial [adventure games] in ages” – were built using this toolkit. I’d be fascinated to know what AGS creator Chris Jones would have thought if you told him this back in 1997…

It began life as a personal project for an ambitious young man who wanted to make an adventure game, but didn’t have access to an engine in which to do so. But Jones quickly realised it was the development of the toolkit, rather than something using it, that truly excited him. To this day he’s still not made a game of his own. He is, like so many people in the games industry, someone who helps other people do the final order game creation. He is one of the grand facilitators.

What he has done is update AGS beyond recognition from that early plan. The more I delved into the software, the more I realised how much work must have been done to deliver something so powerful. Quite easily, and with a bit of creativity, you can make some startlingly good games – as many have done, both as freebie releases and as professional products. Among my favourite are those in the free Technobabylon series, created by James Dearden, also known as Technocrat.

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I'm going to SF this weekend

by peasncarrots

Good thing I happened to see this. If I see someone dressed up like a zombie now, I won't completely panic!
Part zombie smackdown, part disaster prep, and part puzzle solving, Zombie Survival is only the latest event from Go Game, a SF-based company behind some of the city’s biggest flash mobs and team adventure games. “This game has been a personal pipe dream for a long long time,” says organizer Jenny Gottstein. “The idea is to empower communities to take control of their safety…through play!”
Like all of Go Game’s adventures, Zombie Survival Challenge is a team event

Indigo Prophecy, continued

by UrGrue

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting.. after you leave, you switch characters and play as the detectives a short time later. This might cause you to ask.. why would i want to catch myself? Well.. keep in mind, the goal isn't really to get away from the detectives, or conversely, to catch the main character.. it's to uncover the underlying plot... using information gather by both sources. But, if the detectives find the main character before figuring it out, they'll pin it on him using the evidence gathered, and the game will be over.
There were a few other aspects of the game that really caught my eye as well

Fisher-Price Thomas Wooden Railway - Thomas' Pig Pick-Up
Toy (Fisher-Price)
  • Inspired by the Thomas and Friends tent pole episode; Flash, Bang, Wallop
  • Hear fun phrases and sounds
  • Works great with any Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway set
  • Connect to other engines with easy-to-use magnet connectors
  • Expand your world of Thomas and Friends and create your very own Thomas adventures
THQ Metro 2033 - Xbox 360
Video Games (THQ)
  • An RPG-light story where players encounter NPC’s via engaging and trading activities across the various ‘Station States’ of the Underground, each with its own social...
  • A menacing atmosphere incorporating shadows, ambient sounds, lighting effects and claustrophobic scenes to create feeling of tension and fear.
  • Diversity of combat ranging from brutally intense action from a distance, to melee combat fought with improvised weapons or hand to hand in the half shadows.
  • A morality system based on points and measured by a proprietary engine that takes into account actions like curiosity, kindness and prejudice resistance, leading...
  • Unique economy and inventory management systems based on ammunition and items which can be used to take down enemies or saved to purchase upgrades or buy goods.
Eidos Interactive THIEF Collection (The Dark Project, The Metal Age II, and Deadly Shadows III)
Video Games (Eidos Interactive)
  • Cutting Edge Stealth: Hide in the shadows, sneak past the guards or ambush them in the darkness. Brand New Game Perspective: Cinematic Third Person and Classic...
  • Action Gameplay: Breaking and entering, stealing, sabotage, evasion, espionage, combat, assassination and setting up ambushes. Huge Arsenal of Thieves Tools: Including...
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligences: AI guards that see and hear, track evidence and suspiciousness, search for intruders, fight, give chase, and perform lip synching...
  • Dynamic Lighting and Shadow System: Every character and object casts a real shadow that dynamically affects stealth gameplay. Dynamically manipulate lighting to...
  • From Warren Spector: Creator of the award winning series Deus Ex
DISNEY Disney Pixar Cars 2 - Flash McQueen - Peluche Interactive 28 cm (Import Royaume-Uni)
  • Get ready for another exciting Cars adventure with this walking Lightning McQueen Soft Toy .
  • Use the magnetic key to start McQueen s engine, so he can shuffle around on his walking wheels
  • When his engine s running, you can also hear him make engine and racing noises and speak phrases from Cars 2 .
  • Lightning McQueen requires 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Ages 2+
LucasArts Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo
Video Games (LucasArts)