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Here's a real ninja game for amateurs. In Final Ninja, you are T… Be the fastest snail you have ever seen and win the race. Collect… Now yes Pluraclube Apps is gaining more applications so far are 9… Bodiless game is a remake of Rayman. Without a body, you need to … Go to rescue your beloved recovering the ransom money through a m… There are very few games in the genre, so I allowed myself a litt… In Crow In Hell Affliction, you play as a raven in the depths of … This Flash game is a real gem, I promise you. In e7, you play an… Red Ball is the story of a red ball that has to fight an invasion… This is a nice open source project that I came across the idea of… In this splendid ninja game, discover all the power of the Red M… Reflections in turquoise Caribbean, go in search of the lost trea… What would you do if you were STAN, the last robot with artificia… Relive the nostalgia of Zelda and discover this new version where… Today, I propose a little game based on zombies in the same line … A good zombie is a dead zombie, right? And if you know target, yo… On this page you can play Zombotron 1 game. Here you are dealing … In this sidescroller adventure, the aim is to collect toys as muc… Build your train with wagons and weapons and accomplish missions … Play and win with special cards. Choose the right card at the rig… Can you conquer all of New York as a mob boss? I buy, drink const… Fight the battle with all kinds of robots. each robot has it's ow… First, select whether you want to play. Ranger, a warrior, or wiz… In this game you have a kind of pocket monsters. Go look for anot… In this game Hello Kitty is part adventure around her home to try… Hulk in this game is to fight an air attack. The superhero's miss… In this adventure game we have to help Naruto to open magic chest… Super Mario Star Cramble 2 is a flash game for those who love to … Free Super Mario Bros is one of the best online games about Mario… Do you like Mario? if yes then go save Princess Peach in the game… Find all your graphics, sounds and favorite Mario characters, plu… Mario decided to learn to ride a motorcycle and he needs your hel… Find Princess Peach, the Evil Bowser and of course the Italian pl… Find the famous Italian plumber Mario in a new adventure against … Mario Enough Plumbers 2 is a platform game where you control Mari…


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I'm going to SF this weekend

by peasncarrots

Good thing I happened to see this. If I see someone dressed up like a zombie now, I won't completely panic!
Part zombie smackdown, part disaster prep, and part puzzle solving, Zombie Survival is only the latest event from Go Game, a SF-based company behind some of the city’s biggest flash mobs and team adventure games. “This game has been a personal pipe dream for a long long time,” says organizer Jenny Gottstein. “The idea is to empower communities to take control of their safety…through play!”
Like all of Go Game’s adventures, Zombie Survival Challenge is a team event

Indigo Prophecy, continued

by UrGrue

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting.. after you leave, you switch characters and play as the detectives a short time later. This might cause you to ask.. why would i want to catch myself? Well.. keep in mind, the goal isn't really to get away from the detectives, or conversely, to catch the main character.. it's to uncover the underlying plot... using information gather by both sources. But, if the detectives find the main character before figuring it out, they'll pin it on him using the evidence gathered, and the game will be over.
There were a few other aspects of the game that really caught my eye as well