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Point and click adventure


Use your mouse and intelligence to get through the adventure of complex interactions.

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  • Sequel to one of Bored.com's smash hit fun games, Causality! Mor...
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I'm going to SF this weekend

by peasncarrots

Good thing I happened to see this. If I see someone dressed up like a zombie now, I won't completely panic!
Part zombie smackdown, part disaster prep, and part puzzle solving, Zombie Survival is only the latest event from Go Game, a SF-based company behind some of the city’s biggest flash mobs and team adventure games. “This game has been a personal pipe dream for a long long time,” says organizer Jenny Gottstein. “The idea is to empower communities to take control of their safety…through play!”
Like all of Go Game’s adventures, Zombie Survival Challenge is a team event

Indigo Prophecy, continued

by UrGrue

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting.. after you leave, you switch characters and play as the detectives a short time later. This might cause you to ask.. why would i want to catch myself? Well.. keep in mind, the goal isn't really to get away from the detectives, or conversely, to catch the main character.. it's to uncover the underlying plot... using information gather by both sources. But, if the detectives find the main character before figuring it out, they'll pin it on him using the evidence gathered, and the game will be over.
There were a few other aspects of the game that really caught my eye as well

focus Hidden Expedition: Amazon (Pc Cd) Windows Xp/vista/7 (Uk Import)
Video Games (focus)
  • From the makers of Mystery Case Files
  • Unlock the greatest secret of the Amazon
  • Visit wondrous places across the globe including New York City, Casablanca, Esmeraldas, and the Amazon rainforest
  • Hundreds of objects to discover!
  • FLASH: Hidden Object Game
focus Drawn: The Painted Tower (Pc Cd) Windows Xp/vista/7 (Uk Import)
Video Games (focus)
  • A cinematic adventure through a magical tower
  • Enter lush worlds by gaining access to enchanted paintings
  • Reveal Iris s story by solving challenging puzzles and riddles
  • Meet fantastic characters who may help or hinder you
  • FLASH: Puzzle Adventure Game
Lenovo Lenovo A2107 7-Inch Tablet
Personal Computer (Lenovo)
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 7 inches Display
  • MTK 6575 Cortex A9 Processor 1.0 GHz (256 MB Cache)
  • 512 MB RAM Memory
  • 10-hour battery life, 802_11_BGN wireless
  • Processor Brand: MediaTek
focus The Serpent of Isis (Pc Cd) Windows Xp/vista/7 (Uk Import)
Video Games (focus)
  • Solve intriguing puzzles
  • Find bonus items to earn extra hints
  • Search for clues as you scour beautiful European cities
  • Screen Caption: Investigate the passengers on the train!
  • FLASH: Hidden Object Adventure Game
Sabi ItzaZoo
Software (Sabi)
  • Children jump inside a zoo exhibit, where the animals are friendly and ready to play. With Living Ink--a unique drawing recognition technology--kids draw objects...
  • Children start by playing with a lion. As they solve challenges they get to play with monkeys, elephants, turtles and polar bears in the animal s exhibit playsets...
  • Improves reading and creative problem solving for early readers. Fused into the game design are results from a research project conducted at Microsoft Corporation...
  • If an early reader does not know a word, they can mouse over the word, which turns it red and a child s voice reads the word aloud. Parents will delight in their...
  • The Zoo playsets get as wacky as a child s imagination can make them. And the game is different each time the children play since the zoo playset is made up of...