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Top 5 Scariest Flash Games

What better way is there to scare ourselves silly than by playing horrifying flash games online? There are hundreds of supposedly scary games available, but they hold nothing to the ones mentioned in this article. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best horror flash games from all over the internet.

Are you ready to be scared? Then lock your doors, turn off your lights, and don’t forget to look over your shoulder.

5. ExMortis

ExMortis casts the player as an amnesiac stranger who has to go through an old abandoned house. Each room is stained with blood and severed limbs of the former residents and the player must brave the adventure and escape with their life before it’s too late. What make the game even scarier are the realistic environments and imagery, as well as the accompanying audio and ambient sounds. ExMortis offers two different endings depending on choices the player makes at key points in the game.

4. Purgatorium

One of the shorter games, Purgatorium is a stylish and genuinely creepy flash game found in Newgrounds. The game plays on some of people’s worst fears like death and loneliness and keeps the player on the edge of their seats as tension builds throughout the short adventure. Purgatorium surpasses every other game in this list graphically; with environments and objects displayed in their own macabre way. It also has one of the creepiest endgames of all flash horror games I’ve ever played.

3. The House/House 2

Another point and click adventure, The House casts the player as a man that enters a house that’s been deserted for decades. The player must then figure out the reason why the former owners of said house committed suicide. The game slowly builds tension as the player clicks on objects in each room culminating with encounters with the spirits that haunt each room. Best played alone, with lights turned off, and speakers turned to max.

2. Hotel 626

As part of Doritos’ digital campaign, Hotel 626 garnered over 4 million playthroughs since its release. The game makes full use of the player’s webcam and microphone during play, taking their reactions and posting them online as part of the game for others to see. Hotel 626 is made up of ten interconnected levels each with its own puzzle and deathtrap. If the player does not solve the puzzle within a certain amount of time, they will meet an unfortunate end. One of the most memorable (and scariest) part of the game is when the player is trapped in a pitch black room with something… or someone…. Armed with only a camera, the player must use it’s flash function to keep the creature at bay or face certain death. American players can also enter in their phone numbers to receive a creepy call from one of Hotel 626′s guests.

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