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Text Adventure Flash game

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The first computer adventure game. It was originally designed by Will Crowther, a programmer and spelunking enthusiast who based the layout on part of the Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky.

Java Mode is the huge 1, 000 point version with many added puzzles.

Times Played: 2094 Released: 1976 Personal Best: N/A

In Cutthroats, you are a skilled diver living on Hardscrabble Island, a small seaport past its prime. You will try to salvage a sunken treasure from one of four shipwrecks; if you are successful, you will be fabulously wealthy and enormously respected among old salts. Some characters in the story will help you; others will try to stop you any way they can. If you can think logically and keep your throat intact, the treasure can be yours.

Rating: Not rated yet

Times Played: 1263 Released: 1984 Personal Best: N/A
A wealthy industrialist, Mr. Marshall Robner, locked himself in the upstairs library of his New England colonial estate one night and committed suicide by taking a lethal overdose of anti-depressants. Or did he?

You are the Chief of Detectives. You've been asked by Robner's attorney to make a thorough investigation of the case, simply to "quash the suspicions which are inevitable" when a moneyed man dies a sudden and unnatural death. The Medical Examiner found nothing unusual, and interviews with family user and family associates are consistent with the useridea that Robner committed suicide. Everything fits neatly - maybe too neatly. You smell foul play, and you have 12 hours to crack the case. If you arrest someone, you'd better have the three traditional ingredients to an ironclad case for the prosecution: the accused must have had a motive, a method, and ample opportunity to commit the crime. There are many possible endings to this case, and the one you reach is determined by your actions and by the deductions you draw from the evidence you gather. But one ending fits the facts better than any other, and you will know it when you reach it.

Times Played: 934 Released:...


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I'm going to SF this weekend

by peasncarrots

Good thing I happened to see this. If I see someone dressed up like a zombie now, I won't completely panic!
Part zombie smackdown, part disaster prep, and part puzzle solving, Zombie Survival is only the latest event from Go Game, a SF-based company behind some of the city’s biggest flash mobs and team adventure games. “This game has been a personal pipe dream for a long long time,” says organizer Jenny Gottstein. “The idea is to empower communities to take control of their safety…through play!”
Like all of Go Game’s adventures, Zombie Survival Challenge is a team event

Indigo Prophecy, continued

by UrGrue

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting.. after you leave, you switch characters and play as the detectives a short time later. This might cause you to ask.. why would i want to catch myself? Well.. keep in mind, the goal isn't really to get away from the detectives, or conversely, to catch the main character.. it's to uncover the underlying plot... using information gather by both sources. But, if the detectives find the main character before figuring it out, they'll pin it on him using the evidence gathered, and the game will be over.
There were a few other aspects of the game that really caught my eye as well