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News - 8 Title: Happy holydays
Added by: MSK

We have great news for all of you, our new update which will be the last one for this year. Our team worked hard to bring you whole 5 new animes and we also filled in some gaps. Except the new shows we also added the Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden anime, which is a Naruto Shippuuden spin-off. We added all of the subbed series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and also the last portion of the love life of Katsuragi Keima in The World God Only Knows – Goddesses Arc.

News - 9Magi

We added Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic to Animerulezzz as well as all of the ongoing episodes of the second season Magi: The Kingdom. The anime is an adaptation of the manga made by Shinobu Ohtaka. The manga can also be found in the site.

Outbreak Company

The second anime which we added is Outbreak Company. The anime is 12 episodes and is from fall 2013 and ended on December 20th. The adaptation is from the Novel which continues to be published. It’s in the Seinen, Comedy, Parody and Fantasy genres.

News - 1Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

This anime is an adaptation of a Video Game. Its director is Seiji Kishi (Seto no Hanayome, Angel Beats!). It’s in the Action, Adventure, Demon, Superpowers genres.


Psycho-Pass’s storyline is written by Gen Urobuchi (known with his Novel Fate/Zero and his part in the making of Puella Magi Madoka Magica). Its genres are Action, Sci-Fi, Criminal, Thriller and Police. The anime ended in 2013, but there is a second season in the making in the form of a Movie.

News - 1Deadman Wonderland

The anime is an adaptation of the manga written by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou. Till now the title has a 12 series TV broadcast and an OVA. Its genres are Action, Sci-Fi and Horror.

If because of the large quantity of animes you can’t decide what to watch, we recommend that you check out our Animepedia and read up on our interesting and useful articles on each of our titles. We hope that with them we’ll help you decide what you want to watch.
We wish you happy holydays and we hope you don’t overdo it with the alcohol. We will also begin celebrating and treat ourselves to a well-deserved rest.

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I'm going to SF this weekend

by peasncarrots

Good thing I happened to see this. If I see someone dressed up like a zombie now, I won't completely panic!
Part zombie smackdown, part disaster prep, and part puzzle solving, Zombie Survival is only the latest event from Go Game, a SF-based company behind some of the city’s biggest flash mobs and team adventure games. “This game has been a personal pipe dream for a long long time,” says organizer Jenny Gottstein. “The idea is to empower communities to take control of their safety…through play!”
Like all of Go Game’s adventures, Zombie Survival Challenge is a team event

Indigo Prophecy, continued

by UrGrue

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting.. after you leave, you switch characters and play as the detectives a short time later. This might cause you to ask.. why would i want to catch myself? Well.. keep in mind, the goal isn't really to get away from the detectives, or conversely, to catch the main character.. it's to uncover the underlying plot... using information gather by both sources. But, if the detectives find the main character before figuring it out, they'll pin it on him using the evidence gathered, and the game will be over.
There were a few other aspects of the game that really caught my eye as well

Rubie's Costume Rubies' Costume Co Dc Comics Adult The Flash 2nd Skin Zentai Super Suit, Red, Large
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  • Size medium if you re 5 foot to 5 foot 4 inches; size large if between 5 foot 4 inches and 5 foot 10 inches; and size xl if between 5 foot 10 inches and 6 foot 3...
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