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What is interactivity? For those of you new to this concept, interactivity allows the user to interact with your banners and content.

Many web creators enjoy using Toon Boom Animate's excellent drawing and animation tools to create a banner. But how do you add interactivity to it?

When creating animated web banners or online games, the designer will generally have to add interactivity. This article demonstrates how to create a banner in Toon Boom Animate and then add interactivity to either the entire banner or part of it using Adobe Flash. That same concept of interactivity can be applied to any type of animation created with Toon Boom Animate.

We will use Toon Boom Animate 2 and Adobe Flash CS5.

Why Create Your Banners and Game Animation in Toon Boom Animate?

Some users may wonder why they would create a banner with Animate. There are several reasons:

  • Sophisticated drawing tools, including highly responsive pressure sensitivity with the Brush tool.
  • Virtual camera, no need to animate each layer individually to simulate camera motion.
  • Efficient animation tools such as the Transform tool with its temporary pivot and the Inverse Kinematics.
  • Advanced Timeline allowing you to create hierarchies between your layers without encapsulating them one into the other.
  • Colour palette concept allowing you to modify your colours at any time without having to repaint anything.
  • A True [PC1]Space, allowing you to create amazing depth and perspective effects when moving the camera.
  • State-of –the-art lip-sync feature
  • Export multiple vector effects to SWF including Blur, Glow and Shadow.
  • A powerful Text tool.
  • No need to embed any fonts. Text automatically transformed to outlines when exported to SWF.
  • Animate allows you to create Graphic Symbols.

Setting the Scene Resolution

Size is the first thing to establish when creating a web banner with any software. Web banners come in many shapes and sizes. In this example, we created a 700 x 90 pixel banner.

Before starting your work in Animate, we recommended that you set your scene resolution. You can always change it afterwards, but if you change the format ratio, you may have to reposition some of your elements.

This concept may be different if you are creating an online game. Many users create individual animations that are exported and then composited in a software where the final programming is done. We will use Adobe Flash for this purpose. Once again, it is best to set your resolution before you start working. However, that resolution may not necessarily be the size of your game interface, it may be smaller or larger depending on what you are creating.

To change your scene resolution:

  1. Go to Scene > Scene Settings.
  2. In the Resolution tab, go to the Resolution section.
  3. Set the width in pixels.
  4. Set the height in pixels.
  5. Click on the OK button.

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