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It’s Show-Stopping Fun With Angelina Ballerina And Her Mouseling Friends In This All New Release! ANGELINA BALLERINA: ON WITH THE SHOW Available On DVD, Digital HD And Video On Demand January 21, 2014 From Lionsgate And HIT Entertainment!

It’s Showtime! Grab your seats and enjoy the show with Angelina Ballerina® and her friends in the all-new Angelina Ballerina: On With the Show available on DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand January 21, 2014 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

Angelina Ballerina embodies dance, music and performance while inspiring girls to achieve their dreams. Angelina dances her way into little girls’ hearts while sharing lessons in friendship, loyalty and of course, fun!


The stage is set for big performances and lots of fun! When Ms. Mimi loses her voice, her class finds ways to communicate through music. After a musical mishap, AZ doesn’t miss a beat and discovers another way to keep tempo. Gracie learns an important lesson about finding inspiration and Angelina and Polly set the stage for a perfect celebration for their dad. Come along as Angelina and the mouselings let their creativity shine and get on with the show!

Episodes Include:
· “Angelina’s Musical Day”
· “Angelina and the Bandleader”
· “Angelina and Ms. Mimi”
· “Angelina’s Kitchen Band”
· “Angelina and the Father’s Day Surprise”

DVD bonus features include Angelina’s Picture Game & I Will Be a Star Karaoke Music Video!

So who in your family loves Angelina Ballerina? My Maggie loves this little mouse!

Buy It: Angelina Ballerina, On With The Show DVD can be pre-ordered from Amazon will be released on January 21st!

Win it: One lucky reader will win the Angelina Ballerina, On With The Show DVD! Use the giveaway tools form to enter, good luck!

Disclosure: I have not been compensated in any way for sharing this giveaway. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of Hit Entertainment.

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Advanced Macromedia Flash classes desired...

by theLifeguard

I've recently (2006) graduated from UB with a major in Computer art, but a year later, I've realized that I only dabbled in animation, compositing, graphic design, and web design, and don't feel it will be enough to get the job I want... Now that I have been freelancing, I find myself working more with flash, and I know a lot of basic Actionscript and own 5 books on the topic, but I have an opportunity coming up in about 6 months, for which I really need to buckle down and change my whole portfolio to highlight flash webdesign and flash games. I don't know enough advanced actionscript to code games in a reasonable amount of time, and am not confident enough to be able to add that to my resume

Orphanage = jobs?

by clubber12

I am a student at SFSU and also a part-time web designer who uses Flash on the daily. I think the dot-com crash didn't really effect the local special effects/animation industry as much, now that I've worked for a while at WildBrain Animation. However, my biggest worry is the competition from all of these students who graduated or will graduate from more prestigious $$$ schools like SFAI or Academy of Art. Everyone and their mother wants to get into the video games industry, and they'll learn a variety of skills that might make them attractive to these big companies like Lucasarts, Pixar, EA

A few...

by Carnivora

- Orisinal: Morning Sunshine - a number of child-friendly flash games. Very sweet and straightforward.

- LiteBrite!

- Celtic knot artwork, including B/W versions that can be printed and coloured in

- Society for Creative Anachronism (the folks who dress up in medieval clothes on weekends) - How to be a princess on weekends. There are links from it to various costume, armour and medieval research sites, as well as children-friendly/targetted sites.

Internet game

by gamer

I build shockwave and flash games. I've done lots of game for disney and interscope record. I build the weezer fighting game in I am actually looking for any position that dealing with visaul arts. Such as 3D animation, graphic design, web design, multimedia design, or even making DVD menu. Oh... by the way check out some of my work and tell me what you think. or

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