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Best Flash games of 2010

(Daniel Sun, 7 November 2010)
While Armed With Wings 3‘s plot is brimming with the breathlessly earnest “flair” of anime, it is difficult to ignore the sophistication of its visual aesthetic. Put simply, the game is beautiful to look at. Each level is composed of basically two colors, a washed out color contrasted with black. The result is a lot of very simply composed images contrasted against starkly pretty environments. Coupling action game mechanics (some platforming and melee combat) with some basic puzzle design involving swapping between the game’s protagonist and his eagle sidekick, this is a game that is delightful to look at, neat, and well-paced. None of the puzzles are difficult to solve, which works well in this action-puzzle hybrid—they are engaging enough without stalling out what is otherwise a simple (but pretty) beat ‘em up.

(Evil-Dog, 11 March 2010)
In clear contrast to Armed With Wings 3, Hippolyta is hard. However, it does share with the previously mentioned game a sense of simplicity. It is simply elegant in presentation and play. The game begins with an extremely spare introduction, in which the player is introduced to an Amazon named Hippolyta who, in attempting to defend her homeland, has been captured by enemy forces. The narrator explains in voiceover alongside some bloody cutscenes featuring Hippolyta breaking free from her chains that “one morning her wounds finally healed, she simply decided to go home.” This is premise enough to launch an exceedingly difficult game with some very simple mechanics. The story of Hippolyta’s return home is told through a chase through the countryside in which Hippolyta—on horseback—is constantly driven forward. The player must match visual and aural cues in the form of obstacles and warnings to keys mapped to actions like jumping, blocking, and ducking in order to keep the Amazon alive. The game is simple, clean, and tells a very classic kind of story (the return home of the hero) in the most elegant (and brain beatingly) difficult way possible. The sound in particular is exceptional in the game, and it needs to be, as reactions are governed not merely by sight but particularly by sound.

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These are some very chopped up demo versions of more developed games I've created thus far.
So, GamerZone, I'm not sure if the folks at are interested in my form of silliness.:-) They seem far more professional than I have ever been! :-) Thanks for the link though. Do you have a site showing your games? Are you a fellow 2D game maker? If so we're becoming a rare breed I think. No offense to 3D gamers though!
Elizabeth540, thanks for the link as well

Hasbro Scrabble Flash
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2K Play BioShock Infinite [Online Game Code]
Digital Video Games (2K Play)
  • Requires Steam Client to activate.  Steam key only valid in North America.
Flash Kids Number Puzzles and Games: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
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Electronic Arts Titanfall - Xbox 360
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Note: Titanfall is multiplayer only and requires an Xbox Live Gold membership
  • Note: Titanfall requires an Xbox 360 hard disk drive with 1.2GB available storage space. You cannot play with flash memory sticks or internal flash memory such as...
friendsofED The Essential Guide to Flash Games: Building Interactive Entertainment with ActionScript
Book (friendsofED)