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Bloody shooting Flash games

Bloody Day Part 2
  • Bloody Day Part 2

Shoot the white silhouettes that pass by. Gun them down with 3 different types of guns.

  • Monster Invade

The monsters are surrounding you in this top down view shooter. Shoot the monsters and grab the guns

  • Frantic Shooter

An exciting first-person shooting game with stick characters. Kill all the sticks who tries to shoot at you and even helicopters. Your gun can load 7 bullets at a time, use the space bar to reload. Shoot grenades before they blow up and HP objects to regain some health. Get bonuses after each place completed. Shoot the head, shoot them all!

  • Madness Scene Creator 2

Monster InvadeCreate your own scene of bloody clothes and faces armed with guns, chainsaws, and other weapons. You can also change the background from several options to choose from. Put in some hotdog stands to make it more realistic and even pick their hand positions and gestures.

  • Ling Yun

Fly and shoot the incoming flying enemies in this side view jet shooter.

  • Tribe Sniper

Shoot down the tribes who are about to kill you. Find them with the help of sniper lens. Use mouse to interact. Click to get a close view and then shoot.

  • Smuggler's Line

Frantic ShooterThere's a line that can't be cross by those bad guy! Someone must act to protect this line, so there are the police patrolling around. Smuggler's Line is a game that will test your fight and flight response. You will play as a bad guy driving the train that is full of smuggled goods. The train is equipped with advanced technology guns and bombs.

  • Pencil War

Pencil war is a tower defense game. Place guns along the path to kill the enemies as they come. Place your guns around the map and see how long you can survive. Keep an eye on flights. When it passes trough it drops the bombs over the guns. Use your mouse to place the guns.

  • Warp Zone

This is one bustling top view shooter game. Destroy all the robots and try to survive. Shoot powerups to gain bonuses.

  • Shoot Zombies

Shoot the zombies in this top-down view keyboard shooter.

  • Vile Strobo

Top view action adventure game. After you went through the tutorial you have to open doors, stroll through rooms and shoot the hordes of awkward robots.

Madness Scene Creator 2 Ling Yun Tribe Sniper Smuggler's Line

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by squiggles

Hi All,
Here's my portfolio to give a better idea of what I do:
These are some very chopped up demo versions of more developed games I've created thus far.
So, GamerZone, I'm not sure if the folks at are interested in my form of silliness.:-) They seem far more professional than I have ever been! :-) Thanks for the link though. Do you have a site showing your games? Are you a fellow 2D game maker? If so we're becoming a rare breed I think. No offense to 3D gamers though!
Elizabeth540, thanks for the link as well

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