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Have you heard of Major League Gaming? No, it's not basketball, it's not gambling, h-ll, it's not even a sport! Bodybuilding gets pushed aside... again. Learn more and share your thoughts.

Have you heard of Major League Gaming? No, it's not basketball, it's not gambling, h-ll, it's not even a sport! But guess what, it's something that ESPN have jumped on and have announced that they will provide world wide coverage to millions of viewer's world wide.

What is this exciting new world wide phenomenon that has as much physical presence as Barry White? Video Games!! Video Games!! I had to repeat myself there just incase you thought it was a typing error.

A typing error I admit not. This editorial is not to blast ESPN or its new found sporting endeavor; it's to question the process of thought behind such a decision.

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Author, Kris Gethin.

Video Games & Obesity

As the outside community is suffering its worst epidemic (obesity), we are subjected to watch people sit on their @sses and play video games. It's bad enough that we have to be subjected to poker tournaments, but now we have computer games to torment our once active souls... on a sports channel, ha!

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Is it just me, am I missing the point, or is this the sign of things to come for our new generation? In 5 years time I guess that watching people mold balloon figures, or mother and daughter knitting against the clock will be our activity of enjoyment... on the sports channel, ha!

Extracurricular supplements aside, rumor has it that bodybuilders have to take pride in the nutritional requirements and daily activities to jump onstage and display their years of toil and hard work. These professional "athletes" have to maintain a discipline of frequent, healthy foods and supplements, and are required to weight...

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So, GamerZone, I'm not sure if the folks at are interested in my form of silliness.:-) They seem far more professional than I have ever been! :-) Thanks for the link though. Do you have a site showing your games? Are you a fellow 2D game maker? If so we're becoming a rare breed I think. No offense to 3D gamers though!
Elizabeth540, thanks for the link as well

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