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screenshotBart Robson: What was the inspiration behind Castle Crashers, following up from Alien Hominid?

Dan Paladin: Castle Crashers was mainly inspired by the flash game Dad ‘n Me that Tom Fulp, Dustball and I worked on. It was well received and we needed a better premise than beating up on helpless children. Haha… So Tom asked for 4 adventurer designs that would all be different from each other, but as soon as I got to the knight character I thought maybe medieval would be best.

B.R.: The characters in Castle Crashers are very iconic. How did the art develop? Did Crashers just sort of appear, or were there major changes made to the art along the way?

screenshotD.P.: The crashers went through a pretty definite series of designs. The old designs look much less appealing in comparison and i don’t even like to remember them. Once they were nailed though, everyone agreed that those designs are what we should go with. It was somewhat nerve wrecking trying to design something that was as well received as the alien’s design, and now it’s going to be even more nerve wrecking for the next game!

B.R.: What lessons were learned after Alien Hominid? Were there any aspects of that game that you wanted to avoid, or things that worked that you guys wanted to keep for Castle Crashers?

screenshotD.P.: After Alien Hominid I stopped making the background work full-bright and started leaning it towards more grey or dull colors. This allowed the characters to stand out more and just was easier on the eyes in general. As for difficulty, I was disappointed that a lot of players were unable to go through the adventure we created for them because the difficulty held them back. We aimed at an easier game that still maintains a challenge for players, which is a pretty fine line to walk.

B.R.: What’s the easiest part of designing art for a game?

D.P.: I think once a level is complete with main characters, enemies, a boss, and main gameplay elements in place that everything starts to kind of flow on its own. The universe is in place, so the rest seems to be an easier ride in general, though it is a lonnnnnng ride.

B.R.: The hardest?

D.P.: Vice versa of 4. Getting everything in place and setting it all in stone is an involved process. Having to have rulesets in your mind of how design will work for every type of item in the world while being cohesive can be a task.

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