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Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Command & Conquer Red Alert (RA) is a real time strategy game released in 1996 for DOS, Windows and Playstation. RA is about an experiment to alter time gone wrong.

If C&C was one of the games that made RTS popular, it was Red Alert which made RTS popular as online multiplayer games. While C&C and WarCraft 2 had multiplayer they didn't have the ability to let people play online. With Red Alert came Westwood Chat; a program that allowed you to play against other players online.Allied Logo Westwood Chat would eventually be bundled with the Windows version of C&C1 and WarCraft 2 would eventually get online play with the release of WarCraft 2 Battlenet Edition.

Trinity, New Mexico 1946. World War 2 ended a year ago, the biggest war in history was started by one man; Adolf Hitler. The war left entire cities in ruins, economies at the brink of collapse and millions dead.

SovietsFuelled by the thought of stopping World War 2 before it even began. Albert Einstein and his fellow scientists created a time machine. They plotted a plan to erase Hitler from history before he could do any harm and at this moment their plan was coming to fruition.

Einstein and his assistant powered up the time machine and in a flash of blue light the professor was sent to Landberg, Germany in 1924: almost the exact time when Hitler was released from prison. Einstein stood right infront of the prison gates waiting to greet Hitler and with a shake of hands Hitler was erased fron history, and Einstein was sent back to the present where his assistant was waiting to congratulate him; "Did you find him?", "Hitler is out of the way...", "Congratulations professor! With Hitler removed...", "Time will tell, sooner or later.time will tell."

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by squiggles

Hi All,
Here's my portfolio to give a better idea of what I do:
These are some very chopped up demo versions of more developed games I've created thus far.
So, GamerZone, I'm not sure if the folks at are interested in my form of silliness.:-) They seem far more professional than I have ever been! :-) Thanks for the link though. Do you have a site showing your games? Are you a fellow 2D game maker? If so we're becoming a rare breed I think. No offense to 3D gamers though!
Elizabeth540, thanks for the link as well

Eidos Interactive Justice League Heroes - PlayStation 2
Video Games (Eidos Interactive)
  • Customize, control, and command the most powerful super hero force in the universe - Unite Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and other extraordinary...
  • Learn new combination powers and make the heroes your own by forging specialized boosts for their superpowers
  • Use objects in the destructible environment against your enemies at will and experience firsthand the awesome force of your superpowers in battle
  • Play in cooperative team and single-player modes
  • Story voiced by talent including Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White, Chris Edgerly, Ralph Garman and more