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Adobe Flash CS4 offers several drawing tools for creating cool characters and designs. Each tool differs from the others and yields different stylistic results. Some tools create larger file sizes while other tools result in smaller files.

As you become more familiar with these tools, you'll learn to choose the best tool to achieve the artistic style you want while adhereing to any file size requirements you may have. It's a tradeoff to balance between file size and download times and playback performance. In this section, I take a look at each of the drawing tools in Flash and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Using the Brush tool

In Merge Drawing mode, shapes drawn on top of other shapes willThe Brush tool is probably the most versatile of all the tools, especially when combined with a pressure-sensitive tablet.

Drawing with the Brush tool is the same as drawing with shapes. It's the tool that feels the most natural when used due to the support of pressure sensitivity and tilt features. Wacom makes a series of popular tablets that differ in size, include a cordless, battery-free pen called a stylus, and work great with Flash. Since a Wacom tablet can work in conjunction with your existing mouse, or replace your mouse completely, its use goes far beyond that of Flash alone. Many digital designers use a tablet with any number of image editing and animation programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. But fear not: If you do not currently own a tablet, you can still use the Brush tool (see Figure 1) with one exception—both the tilt and pressure sensitivity features will not be available.

Boy character created using the shape tools.Figure 1. Select the Brush tool icon in the Tools panel to start drawing.

If you do have a pressure-sensitive tablet, however, you can choose from some subselection options for the Brush tool that will affect the line quality. At the very bottom of the Tools panel, you will notice the pressure sensitivity and tilt options. With one or both of these options selected, you can achieve various results when you use the Brush tool to draw in Flash (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Use the icons in the Tools panel to choose the pressure sensitivity and tilt settings.

This next example shows what happens when you draw with the Brush tool. The result on the left is a shape, which means it has vector points on all sides. The more points an object contains, the bigger the file size of the project. I drew this particular shape using a pressure-sensitive tablet (see Figure 3). Notice the tapered ends and inconsistent line weight that result with varied amounts of pressure applied to the stroke. I also drew the shape on the right with the Brush tool; in this case, however, I turned off the pressure sensitivity setting.

Figure 3. Compare the shape drawn using the pressure-sensitivity setting turned on (left) and turned off (right).

Lines drawn with the Pencil tool. Quality modes of the Pencil tool. Shape tools accessed from the Tools panel. Set the Rectangle Primitive options in the Property inspector.

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