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Rihanna attends the 2014 CFDA Awards in New York.

As if it wasn't enough we saw every bit of the controversial singer's boobs, she then bent over and did a twerking routine to make Miley Cyrus' look tame

We didn't think Rihanna could get any raunchier after she turned up at the CFDA Fashion Awards in a crystal-coated boob-flashing gown.

But then she started twerking.

And now, thanks to her hairstylist Yusef, we have seen what she got up to after the event.

He wrote: "The way we celebrate after a beautiful night or should I say the second half of a beautiful night #cdfaicon."


Erm wow

Whether you like or loathe the outfit, the singer scooped the 2014 Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, presented to her by Vogue's Anna Wintour.

Commenting on the creation, Rihanna's stylist said: "We definitely wanted to make it a little bit scandalous.

"The dress is just fishnet and crystals and a couple of fingers crossed. But fashion is about beauty, and the [female] body is party of that."

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^ need help with games class and FLASH ^


I signed up for a games class this semester and attended about half the classes. Mostly because I thought I would just never "get it." Well, now I am really into the content and have a game (rules, rewards/punishment) and have a little of the Flash -- I can make one character move right left north south, but I need some help.
A real person to help me would be the best but any Web sites to help would be good too: thanks for your suggestions!
I have the game's narrative done, have sketched out story board but I am clearly behind the old gamers in the class.
(My game is for educational purposes only

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