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Chopper Challenge Addition Step 1 - Multiplication.comContent Skill: Addition
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 - Fluently add within 20 using mental strategies.
By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.


The forest service has called Chopper Charlie to help put out fires that have been popping up in the mountains. Charlie's helicopter has been equipped with a large water bucket. Help Charlie fly his helicopter to the fire and lower the water bucket to extinguish the flames. Hurry, you must dump the water on the fire before the helicopter runs out of fuel. Watch out for the mountains and birds.

Chopper Challenge Addition Step 2 - Multiplication.comPractice the addition facts while having fun playing Charlie's Chopper Challenge, Forest Fire!


After the game loads, select LEVEL 1. (As you complete each level, the next level will be unlocked) The difficulty increases with each new level. Choose the fact families you would like to practice by clicking on the switches. A red light will light up for the fact families you have chosen. You can choose as many fact families as you like.

Click on INSTRUCTIONS to see the instruction page.

Click on TAKE OFF to begin the game

Instructions - The Preflight Checklist has detailed instructions for playing the game.

- Use the arrow keys to control the helicopter. (Up, down, left, right)
- Lower the bucket over the fire with correct answer to the equation.

You begin at the fire station. In just a few seconds, the auto-pilot will lift the helicopter off the ground.Chopper Challenge Addition Step 3 - Multiplication.com As soon as you are hovering above the fire station, use the arrow keys to control the helicopter. (Begin by flying to the right.)As you are flying, the helicopter heads-up display is shown.
- Top display (Left to Right)
- Your score
- Pause button
- Sound ON or OFF
- Next equations
- Helicopter lives left (You have 3)
- Lower Display (Left to Right)
- Current equation (enlarged)
- Radar of your location and fires
- Fuel Gage To put out a fire, position the helicopter and bucket directly over the fire. Lower the helicopter until you are very near the flames. The auto-pilot will take over when you are in the correct position. The water will dump on the fire and the helicopter will return to the top of the screen. The next equation will be shown on the bucket and you fly to the next fire.If you hit the mountains or birds, the helicopter will auto-rotate to the ground. Charlie will be OK, but the helicopter will be damaged. When you answer all of the addition problems on a level, you can select another level to play. Each level gets harder. Practicing the addition facts with this math game makes learning fun.
Chopper Challenge Addition Step 4 - Multiplication.com Chopper Challenge Addition Step 5 - Multiplication.com Chopper Challenge Addition Step 6 - Multiplication.com Chopper Challenge Addition Step 7 - Multiplication.com

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Dump the flash

by BrooklynBoy

Sorry, but your website looks just like every site created by someone who just purchased "How To Use Flash in 24 hours". Flash works great for games, but is unecessary for content delivery. Your use of color and layout is good.
I would place the education section below the experience section since it has nothing to do with the job you are looking for.

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