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1000 Web Games offers you thousands of cool online fullscreen games that will satisfy the needs of all types of players. There are more than 1000 games to play in our arcade site.

Some of the popular fighter games are those that are themed on karate and boxing. These beat em up games will make the kids squeal in delight and make the adults fight with the kids for a piece of the action. At 1000 Web Games you can play thousand free games like action games and they will pump up your adrenaline while you play cool browser based games.

To twist the sharpest minds we have some puzzle and platform games that will stretch your intelligence to its limit. If you thought that you were a likely candidate for the grand prix, try your hands in burning the lanes with the racing and driving games like 3D Racing.

The retro or classic web games will make both adults and kid squeal with delight and they will love to play them again and again. At 1000 Web Games you will find a nice selection of sports games like pool, football or golf. Take a look at multiplayer games section to play games with your friends and chat. Our 1000games catalogue is full with fun and cool games.

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Dump the flash

by BrooklynBoy

Sorry, but your website looks just like every site created by someone who just purchased "How To Use Flash in 24 hours". Flash works great for games, but is unecessary for content delivery. Your use of color and layout is good.
I would place the education section below the experience section since it has nothing to do with the job you are looking for.

Codemasters Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Video Games (Codemasters)
  • Multiplayer options that include co-op gameplay as well as 16-player mutiplayer online via Xbox LIVE.
  • Play as Infantry soldier, tank commander, helicopter pilot and Special Forces in battles featuring unparalleled levels of realism and variety of military forces...
  • Open world gameplay that is true to life and filled with environments that you are free to enter and explore, vehicles to commandeer and weapons and ammunition to...
  • AI tactics developed out of actual US training manuals ensuring intelligent responses to tactics in changing circumstances and a sense of self-preservation.
  • Utilize more than 70 real-life weapons supporting realistic ballistic system and more than 50 land, air and sea vehicles.