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batman-and-the-flash-hero-run-cheats-tipsBatman and The Flash Hero run is more than your typical endless running game, it’s a nearly impossible to put down challenge. The Batman & The Flash Hero Run game for the iOS and Android is already creating a buzz amongst DC Comic book fans as one of the best superhero games available for a mobile device. Try using these Batman and The Flash Hero Run cheats to make the most out of this epic endless runner.

Shoot as Many Enemies as Possible

With your best weapon equipped and fully loaded with ammunition, make it your goal to knock out as many enemies as you can in each run. They’re fairly easy to take care of, especially since running into a basic enemy won’t actually cause you any damage. The more enemies your take out, the more XP you’ll earn. It’s the quickest and easiest way to rack up valuable XP and level up your characters.

Alternate Between Character Cards

It’s not always the best idea to stick with your best character. If you alternate between cards and level each one up evenly you’ll have a better chance of evolving early on. Once a card is maxed out, retire it and move on to the next card. Fusing two maxed out cards will allow your character to evolve.

Buying Card Packs

Using your hard earned coins up on frivolous things such as card packs may seem like a waste. However, the basic card pack costs only 1000 coins and contains not only a variety of boosters, but more importantly, each basic card pack contains either a Batman or The Flash card. You need these to level up and fuse cards together, so it’s a good idea to buy basic card packs when you can.

Complete Missions for Coins

If you check out the game’s home screen and tap on missions you’ll see a set of three goals. Each goal will score you some coins when you complete it, and coins can be pretty valuable. Most of the missions are simple, so they’re a great way to earn free coins.

batman-flash-hero-runEarn Free Gems

By connecting the game to your Facebook account, you’ll receive 50 free gems. This is the best way to get free gems in Batman & The Flash Free Run. Plus, it allows you to compete against friends making the game a lot more immersive. Another way to earn free gems is by levelling up your characters, which can be done easily by following these Batman & The Flash cheats and tricks.

How to Beat the Joker Boss

The Joker may be intimidating, but with a few tricks he can be easily defeated. Try to remain as far away from him as possible while he’s throwing gifts, he rarely throws gifts over two lanes from his vehicle. If a gift does land in the lane you’re running in, try jumping over it instead of changing lanes. Shoot the Joker after he launches a rocket, there is a window of about 2 seconds where he won’t fire again.

Concentrate on What’s Ahead

Try not looking at your character at all, and simply concentrate on what’s ahead. This will actually make it seem like things have slowed down and make preparing for obstacles a lot easier. You’ll eventually learn to dodge obstacles with ease and really increase your high score.

9.0 Awesome

Batman & The Flash Hero Run merges two great things: DC Comic Book Heroes, and endless running to create something truly awesome. Players will find the game hard to put down or to go back to playing any other endless running mobile game.

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