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Flashing lights game

(over a month ago)

well... i love thi game because iutis really testing and fun! but if you dntlik it thats ok, that is your oppinion

Im glad u find the name of the game 'Funny' ...'The epilepsy friendly game'. Epilepsy isnt a laughing matter. I inserted epilepsy friendly games so that there was a game i could play with my sister, who so happens to be epileptic and have photosensetive epilepsy and this came up. Its not funny nor is it clever. Im unsure as to how a game like this cou;d be made public. The makers should be ashamed of themselves. I am rather disgusted

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The end game is this...

by -

The dirty little secret is the end game of many lives in gool ol America and it occurs in the hospital after teh drive with the car with lights flashing.
You get inside and you get food that is the shits and the nurse often asks or directs you into Vicoden tablets. These tablets constipate people and they cannot ever go to bathroom unless they lay brick like logs. This makes for easy work by the nurses who are often speaking other languages (especially in the ol people homes)so you got to watch this.
This vicoden is good for the nurses but not good for the patients, and the prune juice is no longer on the menu

Linux as a game platform

by n00bish78

I'll admit I don't do computers.
I don't understand it's complex ways, whirring noises, or beeping sounds, and flashing lights.
But I do know this.
A lot of my friends Love linux, and hate Microsoft. They know what they are doing on Linux, and tell me all day long how much more stable it is, and reliable, and better etc. I know a guy that uses Winex, to run windows games, _flawlessly_ (halo for instance, -one of the worst ports made in recent memory).
Why then couldn't Linux programers make a OS that lends it self to making and playing games? One that a n00b can use as easily as Windows?
I know

Can someone sue these racist cops?

by baybridgetraffic

A couple of days ago I was driving from east bay to SF and because of the baseball game there was a huge backlog at the bay bridge toll plaza. There was a lady cop wating around by the toll plaza to catch the carpool violators. I saw her completely ignoring two cars with white drivers blatantly violating the carpool requirement of 3 or more people. One was even driving a 2 door, 2 seater convertible.
But then I saw a black couple driving on the carpool lane. Then this lady police officer started chasing them with the flashing lights on and finally stopped them and gave them a ticket. The ticket is at least $250 dollars

Gambling is close... but

by FredinIndia

One thing you have to remember is that the game is rigged against you. The dealers are all card sharpes; the slots are all rigged; the dice are loaded; and the roulette wheel is crooked.
The owner of the Casino allows a select few to appear to be winning, because he knows each one will draw in a thousand suckers who think they too can get lucky. But its all a mind game, designed to catch and destroy the lives of as many as possible.
There is only one way to win, and that is not to play their games. Pass by the glitter and flashing lights... don't listen to the barkers at the front doors beconing you to come inside

The problem is...

by insidia

We won't see those pictures of dead bodies. Our media conveniently screens those out. You remember the Persian Gulf War...the coverage was basically a video game- lots of flashing lights, smart bombs, and occasionally the words 'collateral damage.' I don't remember EVER seeing a picture of dead Iraquis, especially not dead children and women.

Generic LED Finger Lights (40 pcs)
Toy (Generic)
  • 40 total finger lights in four different colors
  • Elastic bands which make it easy to attach to your fingers
  • Super bright LED lights: Red, White, Blue, Green
  • Replaceable batteries: 3x AG3 cells per light, included!
NurFACE GAMES Flashing Police Lights
Mobile Application (NurFACE GAMES)
  • Looks great in the rear-view mirror.
  • Slows speeding friends down immediately!
  • Warns friends why drinking and driving is a bad idea!
  • Download and become a cop, policeman, or fireman!
  • Emergency Crew simulates emergency lights and sirens right on your phone.
  • Launch App and put in back of the car and your friend will think they are being followed by the police!
  • For Entertainment Purposes Only.
  • If you like it, leave a good review!
UniquExceptional Outdoor Fake , Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Silver)
Photography (UniquExceptional)
  • This unit does contain a flashing light。
  • Dimensions : 5 1/2 x 3 x 2 1/2 inches (without rain shield). 7x3x3 inches with rain shield.
  • The camera requires 2 AA batteries that are not included.
  • Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
Fun Express Plastic Red Flashing Mini Beacon Light (1 pc)
Toy (Fun Express)
  • 1 Pieces
  • Measures: 4 1/4
  • Plastic
  • On/Off Switch
  • 3 AA or AC/DC Not Included
Educational Products Lala Loopsy Street Flyers Pogo Stick with Flashing Lights (Red)
Sports (Educational Products)
  • beautiful La La Loopsy graphics
  • flashing lights
  • foam handle grips
  • lots of fun
  • ages 8-10 years