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Infrared game camera no Flash

incandescent camera shotFor hunters and wildlife aficionados, its watching the animal/prey in its full glory that makes the day. Unfortunately, one can’t be always in the woods lying low for an unsuspecting game to pass by and that is where game cameras come into the picture. They take pictures at regular intervals or using sensors. Wildlife lovers can enjoy these pictures while trail hunters can make use of the data collected by the camera to track their prey. The biggest question for anyone interested in such a camera is what works best? Is it the infrared variety or the incandescent cameras?

Incandescent Cameras

The word incandescent basically means a normal flash bulb camera that flashes a bright light to capture images in full color with stunning clarity and brightness. Naturally, this kind of a camera is easy to spot by both humans and animals so expect a few spooked shots and scared games that never return to the same spot again. On the other hand their full color night shot makes them an ideal choice for naturalists who are only interested in clicking away pictures even when they can’t be physically present nearby. Many wildlife photographers prefer this type of a camera for its stunning full-color visuals.

The pros of an incandescent camera are naturally….

  • Quite inexpensive as they use crude flash and shutter technology to capture night images.
  • Day Time shots are visibly more stunning thanks to its slower shutter speeds and wider apertures.
  • Every night shot is in full contrast, color and vibrant.
  • Provides stunningly high resolution for those who want clarity.

infared camera shotBut the cons of an incandescent camera, which make it a futile purchase for hunters are….

  • Less battery life as incandescent flash uses more energy.
  • Cannot record videos at night.
  • Spooks game and deters animals from entering the camera fitted zone.
  • Trigger is much slower and so can capture half shots or unfocused pictures of scared animals trying to skitter away.
  • Draws the attention of pawing thieves.

Infrared Cameras

The only difference between incandescent cameras and infrared ones is that the latter uses infrared light to take pictures. These flashes are invisible to the naked eye and animals seldom are aware of its existence. Most infrared game cams also allow video recording at night, which is possibly the biggest advantage of such cams. On the flipside, color pictures are available only in day time while night time pictures are monochromatic contrasts. Naturally, this kind of a camera is not something a naturalist or animal lover would want but its definitely what a hunter wants. You do not want to spook animals making forays into your territory if you plan on trailing them.

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Moultrie Moultrie M-990i No Glow Game Camera
Sports (Moultrie)
  • 10.0 megapixel No Glow infrared mini cam
  • Less than 1-second trigger
  • Up to 70-ft night range
  • Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
  • Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
Moultrie Moultrie D55-IR Game Spy 5 Megapixel Digital Infrared Game Camera (Camo)
Sports (Moultrie)
  • USB Cable not included
  • Infrared night pictures, 5 seconds between multi-shots, 2 video resolution, SD memory card slot-16GB
  • Infrared night video clips, easy-to-operate LCD menu-driven display, multi-shot pictures
  • Display showing battery life remaining, pictures taken, delay timer, 3 picture resolutions
  • IR aim for quick and precise camera setup, picture delay, set 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 minutes
  • Operates on 6 C-cell batteries with an external port. supports 16-GB SD memory card 1 year warranty
Moultrie Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera
Sports (Moultrie)
  • Provides 90 degree wide angle view
  • Four operational modes- IR triggered game camera Time-lapse plot camera Plot camera by day motion detect camera at night HD video day or night
  • 24, plus images on 6 C-cell batteries
Moultrie Moultrie Game Spy D55-IRXT Infrared Flash Camera
Sports (Moultrie)
  • Temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID on every photo
  • Fast Fire Continuous Shooting Mode captures up to 3 photos per second
  • Picture delay-15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1-60 minutes
  • Three picture resolutions, two video resolutions
  • Night range up to 50-ft
Moultrie (2) NEW! MOULTRIE No Glow 8MP Panoramic 150i Infrared Digital Trail Game Cameras
Sports (Moultrie)
  • 8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic game camera
  • 3 motion sensors cover super-wide, 150-degree detection angle and Up to 70-ft nightrange
  • Less than 1-second trigger speed
  • NO GLOW infrared has no visible flash
  • Silent-Slide lens rotates to take photos or videos wherever motion is detected without spooking game