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Final Dungeon

The final dungeon in the game has its own background music, and boy is it ever intimidating.

The NES one probably doesn’t need much introduction to readers of this site. The Japanese one has a few differences though:

  • There’s a short, fast beat for a while before the main song starts
  • The beat keeps going throughout the entire song, like a racing heartbeat that won’t stop. The NES version seems to lose it for a while
  • When the music loops, it also does the start-up beat again. This makes the loop sound awkward compared to the more seamless NES version

I’m not good at explaining sounds and music, so hear them for yourself:

Japanese FDS Version North American Version

Dying & Game Over

When you die in the game, Link spins around and “pops”. In the Japanese version, this spinning sound reminds me a lot of when Pac-Man dies. The NES version sounds pretty different.

The game over/continue screen music is a little different between both versions too. Mostly it’s a case of different-sounding instruments – the NES version sounds a lot more beep-boopy.

Japanese FDS Version


The ending music sounds slightly different too, which isn’t much of a surprise since it’s so similar to the continue screen jingle.

Sounds and Short Tunes

A lot of sound effects and short little tunes were changed in the game too. Some of them are so slight that I almost didn’t notice them at first. In fact, I’d wager there should be more listed here that I’ve just forgotten about or accidentally missed. If you know of anything that should be added, please let me know!

Secret Discovery Chime

The little tune that plays when you uncover a secret sounds ever-so-slightly different between both games.


The melody played when you use your recorder/flute sounds a little different too.

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