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Do you like Mario Forever game? Have you ever wanted to play it online, without the necessity to download it onto your computer? Now you can! With Mario Forever Flash, you can jump through your favourite levels, throw fireballs at the monsters you already know well, collect coins and bonuses, explore hidden places and save the Princess Toadstool from the evil king Bowser again – on any computer connected to the internet you happen to sit at! Enjoy your favourite remake of Super Mario Bros remade in Flash program for your convenience – with the same beautiful, merry graphics and music! Play one of the best Mario games online or download Mario Forever Flash on your computer to be able to play it anytime, even if you are offline – and remember not to fall down! Mario can be a plumber, but he can't swim in water or hot lava that you will encounter on your way – so lead the little fellow carefully and remember to save your game in the save room whenever you have the chance. Super Mario Bros is the title that is well-known for many players who have used old Nintendo consoles in their childhood. This great platform game was fantastic and many people spent many hours of great fun with this game in their childhood. Now in the age of computers we can refresh our memories by playing Super Mario Bros on our PC. Many fans of Mario series think that it is the best of Super Mario games. They are right, because it is the best or at least one of the best Mario games that can be found on the market these days. We can check and play this game by downloading it from the net. There are many websites, from which we can download Mario on our computer. Of course it is totally free and legal. In this game we have to control a small plumber Mario and his friends.First Mario Adventure Their main task is to defeat their enemy – an evil dragon called Koopa. The downloading process and installation is very simple. We also do not need to have a lot of free space on the hard drive of our computer. During the game we will have to jump on platforms, pass through obstacles, collect coins (100 coins = 1 life). We can also find many secrets, use ‘accelerators’, and find secret levels with many coins. We need to reach the end of the level before the time is up. After 3-4 levels (one world) we have to defeat the evil Koopa that plays the role of boss. All levels in this game are very well-designed and the difficulty is balanced. The game becomes more and more difficult after each level. We can find many elements typical for Mario series like mushrooms, special power flowers and opponents. One of the best innovations is the possibility of saving the status of playing. Internet is full of information about this great game. We can find websites from which we can download this game. These websites very often contain walkthroughs and other interesting types of information. We can also visit forums that are associated with this game to look for some advice. Thanks to these websites, playing Mario game will be more exciting for us.

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Yes. And heres how and why

by Nurseman

I recently bought an older G4 powermac for $200.
I was tired of all the Ms bullshit. It was easy, I love the Mac, although it does seem a little slower.
I have Mozilla, Open Office, Flash, Windows Media Player. AIM, and any other program you could hope for.
There is nothing I cant do now, except play a few games (But that is why I have Xbox 360)
I have been using PC's since the 286 days. I will Never buy a MS/PC again. I will put up with a few headaches to know that my computer will do ONLY what I want, when I want, and not submit ANYTHING behind my back.

You can

by moderately

So you're using Ubuntu? i know its kinda hard to get 3-d rendering and what not, but if you're kinda new to Ubuntu, go to and it'll show the basics on how to get started with running applications, playing music files, playing video, burning cd's, etc.. it's also good with instructions such as installing java, flash player, etc... also go to add/remove packages, go to games, and there's a whole bunch of free games you can download and run straight from Ubuntu without having to install plug ins like flashplayer.

Network effect.

by erfymop

Especially with office documents. People could give a rats ass about Windows itself, but they still need Excel and Word for work. Pull out that, things will change a little. What I can see happening, or is happening a little with the netbooks, is people start using Linux or BSD without knowing it. They'll have a computer with point and click, a web browser, flash, movie player, music player, some simple games and productivity software, but won't know what the heck it is, anymore than they know what runs on their dvd player. How many OS X users know what BSD is? Maybe in 10, 15 years, yo

I know aol sucks

by BUT_

Its free and I still use it as a browser sometimes. I use the chat rooms and have some favorites saved. Anyways, my pc crashed a week ago and I had someone come by to fix it. He said I might need a new hd, but he managed to get me back and running.
But now when I am on aol, I cant see any video(youtube), and I cant play any of those aol games.
I believe I need Adobe flash player?? or javascript??
When I go to "add or remove programs" I see that I have some of those versions there.
And when I am using firefox I can see videos and all works well


by JenM

My twin brother bought a new tower this weekend. We usually play backgammon with Yahoo Messenger. For some reason this won't load for him. We have installed the media flash player--it states successful download, but still not playing. I had him to try and download Java and it won't let him download this.
He is able to use all the features of Yahoo messenger--that we know of--except for games. At the Yahoo site the games platform won't load either.
We have set enabled his cookies and security preference to medium-high.
He was able to successfully download yahoo messenger and the media flash player

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