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The toughest part about starting a new year is waking up and rubbing last year’s sleep from your eyes. Here’s where a solid dose of gaming can come in handy. Whether you’re into fast paced shooting or a retro arcade game they’re sure to spur your senses into action.

There are a bevvy of free online game sites on the Internet and although many of them are identical in terms of their offerings there are a handful that stand apart with some truly unique and entertaining games that deliver content that skews more toward enthralling as opposed to mundane.

Sites with free online games

Owned by The GameStop Network, Kongregate has nearly 80, 000 free online games available for play. Community developers build many of the games and the site does a bang-up job on integrating user feedback with a voting system so that players, new and returning, can ask questions, report glitches and share game play strategy, tips and tricks. Developers can participate in weekly and monthly contests with prizes ranging from 0 to 00.

Even if you haven’t heard about PopCap the company you most certainly will recognize some of their games: Bejeweled, Plants Vs Zombies and Zuma. In comparison to some of the other online game sites featured in this post, PopCap’s selection is very small. However, what they lack in quantity they make up for in free online games that are well-made and available on nearly every operating system.

Don’t let the word mini in MiniClip’s name fool you. This free online game site is anything but small. For starters, it’s accessible in more than 15 different languages and games span more than 90 unique categories. Less of a game play feature and more of an aspect, MiniClip is packed with social media integration to like, tweet, circle or email details about your favorite games.

Founded in 2002, Big Fish Games has a growing catalog of more than 3, 300 desktop and mobile games, which are free to play thanks to its team of in-house developers and 140 exclusive development partners. What this means for online game players is a diverse selection of high-quality, engrossing games. Worth exploring often as new games are released regularly.

Newgrounds began as website where developers of Flash games could share them with others. Since its humble beginnings in the late 1990s it has grown to become a portal that brings developers, moviemakers and artists together so that they can collaborate and share their creations. For instance, let’s say a game developer would like to add sound or a soundtrack to their game. Through the Newgrounds community they can work with audio artists to make that happen. The site itself hosts a large selection of games and has open reviews and input from users to enrich the game play experience.

What do you think about this roundup of free online game sites? Are there any that you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments below.

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Free game downloads

by neverexcepttruth

Can anyone direct me to the best place if any to download free pc games online.
I know about torrents and am looking for something other than.
I don't know if it exists but any sites that would offer a full download of major release games...not those free flash sites.
Thanks for any help!

We still Love free things...

by bobpippin

Slackers’ Delight
A DAN HOWELL lacks self control, but at least he’s responsible about it. The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Web designer was trying to startup a new online business but he couldn’t stop himself from wasting time at other sites (free Flash games at were particularly distracting) So, he commissioned a friend to design a program that would help him get back to work. The resulting product was Temptation Blocker, Windows software that allowed him to list the programs he wanted to block, set a timer for how long he’d like to block them and activate it by hitting GET WORK DONE! button

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