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Resources for students Flash games

Online puzzle and number games

Download Free Educational & Fun Flash Games for Kids

Games include drawing, coloring, memory game, shooting game, join the dots and a puzzle game.

Join the dots with A, B, C, D...
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Fun memory game for kids using fruits. Match the fruits.
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Kids can draw anything they like with this Flash drawing board.
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Children will enjoy painting this picture with the paints provided.
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Cross one marble over the other and the goal of the game is to have only 1 marble remaining on the board.
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The NGP's games will sell in brick+mortar stores

by Endymion86

I think I remember someone in here asking about this earlier, wondering if the NGP would be strictly download-only like the PSP Go was. Here's our answer, directly from SCE's worlwide head, Shuhei Yoshida (taken from the article):
He assured me that games like Uncharted Golden Abyss for the NGP will be sold both in a physical packages and in an online store. That way people have a choice, he said.
*later in the article*
One idea floated that bubbled as a rumor was that Sony would install kiosks in retail stores that would allow gamers to bring in their NGP or its memory card, purchase a game and install it directly on the device

Konami Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 with Dance Mat - Nintendo Wii
Video Games (Konami)
  • All new soundtrack includes smash hits from the last 4 decades
  • enhanced motion capture will be applied to all characters for increased realism and customization
  • new stages with enhanced effects with over 50 unique dance environments
  • All new DDR characters exclusive to Hottest Party 2
  • cool new modes and features including the popular workout mode