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Software to create Flash games

For those of us who enjoy gaming, there are always moments when we wish we could change the game basics to our liking. Some even wish to personalize the whole game to their own preferences but feel stifled because of their limited programming knowledge. But, thanks to the availability of game design software, even with little programming know-how and oodles of imagination you can create 3D video games that cater to your exact liking. The software you will need to design your own games are easily available today. For instance, the following apps are ideal for kids as well as adults to learn as well as explore their natural creativity and can be easily downloaded online.


Developed by MIT Media Lab, it is ideal for creating stories as well as games that are interactive. The use of animated content makes it especially appealing for children as young as 8 years. This programming language encourages children to learn computational as well as mathematical concepts and to make games that hold their own individual stamp.


This software is for the novice where the easy to use interface permits you to create shooter games. It requires Flash and offers the opportunity to create games of different complexities or as far as your imagination can take you.


Meant for somewhat older children who are in high school and above, this programming language has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University. For middle school children there is Alice Storytelling, though it is a bit girl oriented. One can get the necessary resources at their website, though you will need to check whether you meet all the system requirements. This is a great tool for designing 3D video games.


Gamesalad is a great tool for game development as it requires no prior programming knowledge. It has an easy to use drag and drop interface and movements and interaction are all controlled by ‘behaviors’ where the user add rules to govern what each element will do. This game is free to try and publish online but also has a powerful compiler in order to create games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Nook. This feature, however, does come with a small price tag.

RPG Maker

This is a great resource for role playing and can turn out amazing games. It is not only free but also quite easy to master. You can use this extremely popular software to produce games that have your own music, characters, story as well as dialogues.

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Not sure on the question.

by NuBatman

The screensaver that your offering has an .exe extension right?.. The program that you downloaded from a free screensaver website has an .exe extension?.. Your suspicious of free exe files?
I will try to tackle this piece by piece. Don't know exactly what your working with, so I will try my best.
You downloaded software that will let you compile a screensaver?
Not sure on the program you downloaded. I deal with flash animations due to somewhat liking to draw. This program allows you to convert your flash files directly to a compatible screensaver
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Amd v intel

by chips

First test results show that Intel's new Pentium 4 'Northwood' processor does not, as some observers predicted, leave AMD's Athlon in the dust. For many mainstream applications, the Athlon is still faster
Intel has finally released its long-awaited Northwood version of the Pentium 4 processor, adding a number of performance improvements, but the initial round of benchmarks shows that the new Pentium's performance still lags behind the less-expensive Athlon XP 2000+ in many key areas.
The 'Northwood' is the first Pentium 4 to be manufactured to 0.13-micron geometry, which shrinks the size of the processor die from an exceptionally large 217 square millimetres to 146 square millimetres -- still larger than the Athlon XP's 128 square millimetres

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