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Top Flash games ever made

Sapo CururuTop flash games of the week 29. This week best 10 games. This list is in reverse order and cut not overload front page.

Teaser: The next week is going to be published top 100 flash games for e+Games portal one year anniversary and it's going to be our top 100 flash games selection best ever so far.You are welcome to suggest Your favorite games on Facebook on Twitter or directly by Upload.

10. Sapo Cururu - I feel ashamed but had to watch walkthrough on Youtube to pass the first level %) Small upgrade to classic spacial gameplay changes everything ^) 9/10

9. Flur - Atmospheric and relaxing achievement based avoid #game. 9/10

Flur8. Dragmanards - Unexpected cute cartoon style characters design for a base defense game. 9/10

7. pintropolis 5 - I just love pinball games! This one is really advanced and graphics style is amazing. 10/10

6. Star Journey - null 10/10

5. Sota - Great spatial puzzle game concept, involving, hardly made myself stop playing. 10/10

4. SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - I love the previous parts of this zombie shooter game. Missed the release somehow %) 10/10

3. Delivery Man - Fast racing, speedy music, strong graphics style and great action shooter gameplay as always from BerzerkStudio. Just great! 10/10

2. 3D Alien Escape (Molehill) - Finally! It's time to hardware accelerated 3D games for Flash Player 11. Rather slow and simple but here and now :) Had to tune site code a little bit: wmode set to GPU. The future is now ^) 10/10

Dragmanards pintropolis 5 Star Journey Sota

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Text from it

by PsykoGamer

Didn't think you needed an iPad? Think again!
When the iPad was announced, we all crammed into a conference room to watch live and drool over every shiny corner and reflecty icon. After the glow of the initial announcement wore off, many of us came to the conclusion that the iPad was actually pretty useless. "It's a giant iPhone!" some said. Others exclaimed, "WTF, no Flash!?". Still, we knew that most Apple fanbots (us included) would have to have one anyway.
Knowing that many of our loyal geeky customers would eventually get their retractable claws on an iPad at some point, we knew we needed to take it to the next level

UBI Soft Just Dance 3 - Playstation 3
Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • Top Of The Charts - Over 45 all-new tracks, ranging from chart-topping hits to classic dance party tracks!
  • Dance Crew Mode - With now up to 4 concurrent dance routines, it s your time to shine!
  • Just Sweat It Out - The popular Just Sweat mode gets an upgrade with more workout plans and playlists.
  • Dance Til Dawn - Use the Party Mode and lose yourself in the music!
  • Too Shy to Dance But Love to Sing? All tracks provide song lyrics on-screen, so even if you don t score points with your voice, you re sure to score some with the...
  • Just Can t Get Enough? - An expanding list of downloadable tracks will be available at launch to fuel every player s dance frenzy. Move Required
  • Just Sweat More - A more advanced training program with calculated Cardio Training and on-going assessment that will help players stay fit while having fun.
  • New Modes to Extend Gameplay - Dance Crew Mode, Smart Shuffle and Dance Mashup.
  • Shake Your World - Interact with the in-game environment, be a part of the action, and watch the game respond to YOU as you dance.
  • Top of the Chart Hits - Over 40 all-new tracks, from Billboard/top-charted hits to all time classics, featuring a variety of musical genres that will appeal to everyone.
mylife Brand Products myLife (TM) Jonquil Gold Shimmer - Glamorous Design - Textured Koskin Faux Leather (Card and ID Holder + Magnetic Detachable Closing) Slim Wallet for iPhone 5/5S (5G) 5th Generation iTouch Smartphone by Apple (External Rugged Synthetic Leather With Magnetic Clip + Internal Secure Snap In Hard Rubberized Bumper Holder + Lifetime Warranty + Sealed Inside myLife Authorized Packaging) "ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This lightweight iPhone 5 and 5S wallet is made of durable and high quality synthetic leather. The leather itself is textured to prevent the wallet from slipping out of your hand while being handled. This wallet comes with a magnetic clasp."
Wireless (mylife Brand Products)
  • COLOR: This wallet comes in a deep high quality color that will last the life of your iPhone 5 and 5S smartphone because the color is fused with the material itself...
  • IMPORTANT FEATURES AND DESIGN: This wallet has a magnetic clasp. This wallet comes with a durable easy grip faux leather that prevents your iPhone 5 and 5s phone...
  • MATERIALS AND DESIGN: This wallet is made of durable yet flexible synthetic leather and comes with a hard plastic interior snap in piece that keeps the iPhone 4...
  • WARRANTY AND PACKAGING: All myLife (TM) are sold exclusively by Clock Tower Shipping LLC. Any products being offered by other vendors are fake and not authentic...
  • COMPATIBILITY: It is important to note that the iPhone 5S smartphone by Apple is for sale from the following carriers; T-Mobile US, AT&T Mobility, and other...