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We start the new year with a set of Tower Defense games and if yo… Tower defense vs zombies, this is the potential Zombo buster. Equ… Cursed Treasure, the reference Tower defense game, returns with a… In the genre of Tower Defense games, Cursed Treasure is really mu… Prevent heroes steal your precious gems using towers shooting hex… Your goal is to stop an invasion by placing intelligent way your … Make sure no penetration comes! Use the four elements to defeat a… In this game you have to protect the food against the dinosaurs w… Put the weapons down so that no one can come along. Can you survi… In this tower defense game you have to defend your village by fun… Build your towers and defensive weapons on the platform and shiet… In Lord of War II, you must protect the country against all evil … Protect your land from the orcs in this tower defense game. Can you make anything that's on the list? Look carefully, because… The first part of the tower defense game Lord of War. There is no… Sail your pirate ship in the Caribbean Sea. Win battles and colle… A good tower defense game. Try to build you need to get the next … Build towers and other facilities to ensure that the enemy forces… Defeat your opponent by building Strategy Defense 4. Towers and s… The first game in the Strategy Defence series. Build an army and … Build an impenetrable defense roundom your temple to destroy them… In this tower defense game you have to build towers along the way… In this free spirited tower defense game you really think a good … Prove you're a great quarterback in the extensive Strategy Defens… Lead an army in ancient China. Pull your men into battle and take… Defend your tower. Make sure your main is not affected by the att… Succeed to build you an army and maintain strong enough to defeat… Bewapens yourself against the marauding Vikings, flying monsters … Verdedig Stalingrad tegen de Nazi's in dit Tower Defense spelletj… Accomplish turn on the kinds of missions vijnadelijke troops and … Construction wave after wave of fighters and upgrade through the … Play with the right strategy in the third part of Strategy Defens… With your helicopter or plane, you can use the magnet to pick up … In this game you need to install the Towers of Defense on the coa… In this game you must save the Earth from an alien attack by orde…

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New Series! Flash Game Fridays - Bloons Tower Defense 5
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flash element td tower defense game

Question, if GORE won, do you think 9-11 would

by deckhand

Of happened?
Keep in mind what Cheney was doing during the "attack"
Original headline
"Northern Guardian": The Scene at NORAD on Sept. 11
Copyright 2001 Toronto Star Newspapers, Ltd.
Toronto Star
December 9, 2001
Sunday Ontario edition
by Scott Simmie
Playing Russian war games ... and then someone shouted to look at the monitor
EARLY morning, Sept. 11. A lifetime before the attacks on New York and Washington.
Deep inside a mountain in Colorado and far beneath the granite of North Bay, members of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) are at full "battle staff" levels for a major annual exercise that tests every facet of the organization

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  • Just Sweat It Out - The popular Just Sweat mode gets an upgrade with more workout plans and playlists.
  • Dance Til Dawn - Use the Party Mode and lose yourself in the music!
  • Too Shy to Dance But Love to Sing? All tracks provide song lyrics on-screen, so even if you don t score points with your voice, you re sure to score some with the...
  • Just Can t Get Enough? - An expanding list of downloadable tracks will be available at launch to fuel every player s dance frenzy. Move Required
  • Just Sweat More - A more advanced training program with calculated Cardio Training and on-going assessment that will help players stay fit while having fun.
  • New Modes to Extend Gameplay - Dance Crew Mode, Smart Shuffle and Dance Mashup.
  • Shake Your World - Interact with the in-game environment, be a part of the action, and watch the game respond to YOU as you dance.
  • Top of the Chart Hits - Over 40 all-new tracks, from Billboard/top-charted hits to all time classics, featuring a variety of musical genres that will appeal to everyone.
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