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Battalion - Nemesis - One of the Best Free Turn-Based Strategy Games OnlineThe Internet is the hub for free online Flash games covering a variety of genres, be it action, turn based strategy games online, RPG or point-and-click. Games such as Battalion and Conqueror are one of the top 5 turn-based strategy games on the Internet.

  • Best Online Turn-Based Strategy Games

    Sid Meier’s Civilization is perhaps the most popular turn-based strategy game today. Apart from the Civilization series, there are many indie and open-source turn-based strategy games. The popularity of browser-based games made way for several free Flash strategy games on the Internet.

    As the name suggests, a turn-based game is usually a strategy war game, where two or more players take turns in combat. Most online turn-based strategy games mentioned in this compilation have a combination of tactical game and RPG mechanics. Some of them are quite reminiscent of Advance Wars, while others borrow gameplay mechanics from Final Fantasy Tactics.

  • Battalion - Nemesis ScreenshotBattalion: Nemesis

    I always wanted Flash games to be more like Advance Wars (AW). Battalion made my wish come true. Not only the animation and visual style is similar to AW, the tactical turn-based strategy combat is impressive too. You can place your anti-tank units over mountains to gain a tactical advantage over tanks, or get your tanks behind enemy soldiers and assualt vehicles to inflict more damage.

    In Battalion, there are 16 levels to play. The initial levels may seem quite easy. However, later levels are difficult. Also, the AI may take some more time to strategize and place its units at the right strategic points.

    There are many other features, including a tutorial to learn all about units and combat tactics. Players can also save their game in the middle of the mission. Overall, Nemesis is a great game for strategy fans.

  • ConquerorConqueror

    If you are a fan of Risk-style turn-based strategy games on the Internet, then Conqueror may well be your game of choice. Set in medieval Europe, where barbarian clans and warlords struggle during Feudalism, Conqueror lets you play against 15 AI or human opponents simultaneously. Yes, players can opt for a single-player or multiplayer game in the option menu. The turns are simultaneous, which means you will not have to wait for your opponents to make their moves.

    The game graphics won’t impress you due to the lack of animation and fancy visuals. All you see is a map of medieval Europe flanked by various menus on the left and right side. These menus will let you recruit soldiers, increase you treasury, build barracks etc. Even without good visuals, the game can be quite engaging, as you can wrestle against more than two characters. Overall, Conqueror is a good game that can guarantee hours and hours of turn-based strategic fun.

  • Apokalyx

    Most Flash strategy games online take you directly to a battlefield, but Apokalyx allows you to manage resources and recruit soldiers as well. This post-apocalyptic fantasy game uses turn-based...

Apokalyx - One of the Best Free Online Turn-Based Strategy Games Fantasy Kommander Fantasy Kommander Screenshot Ultimate Tactics

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