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While there's something to be said for the accessibility of simple, straightforward games, it's the notion that kids can't handle or appreciate more sophisticated games, or media in general, that causes mindless trash like Xiaolin Showdown to come to bear. It's based on the unremarkable children's cartoon of the same name, which would be indistinguishable from the numerous other post-Powerpuff Girls action comedy cartoons out there were it not for the way it also clumsily cops a broadly Asian theme that ranges from old kung-fu movies to Dragon Ball Z. Uninspired source material aside, Xiaolin Showdown is still a crummy excuse for a four-player, arena-based brawler that's weighed down by a poorly realized lock-on system, crushingly monotonous enemy designs, and crude visuals.

This is what happens when a publisher's licensing department gets to choose what games get made.

You'll play Xiaolin Showdown as one of the four monks-in-training from the show-the diminutive Omi, the brash Raimundo, the fiery Kimiko, and the gentle giant Clay. Despite their divergent appearances, there's little functional difference. The game supports up to four players, though if you're playing on your own you'll be joined by three computer-controlled characters. The additional fighters make the scene a bit livelier, but it's also a major source of tedium, due to a lousy lock-on system, which makes it all too easy to target friendly characters. The game indicates whom you're locked onto by placing a column of light above the character, but the light flash is too brief, and it's oddly difficult to disengage the lock once you're already homed in. You have two basic attack buttons that you can mash into multihit combos, and you can also leap around and pick up barrels and jugs to throw at enemies. But because the lock-on system doesn't work particularly well, the easiest way to best your opponents is to jump in the air and repeatedly perform the basic homing attack. Your fighting style doesn't evolve much over the course of the adventure mode, but the effectiveness of this basic air attack makes many of your other attacks null and void.

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Backward compatibility
A GameCube controller is required to play GameCube titles, as neither the Wii Remote nor the Classic Controller functions in this capacity. A Nintendo GameCube Memory Card is also necessary to save, as the Wii internal flash memory will not save GameCube games.
So I guess I need to go buy ANOTHER controller. Sigh.