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Version: Elf Girl Sim Date RPG 1


its freeware


confusing game play

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4 stars

"fun to play."

good work!

Can't find any


enjoying it!

2 stars

"The game is for kids."

Fast downloading.

This game was very easy as i expected.

5 stars

"Think You Know how to Date?"

I like the fantacy involved of using that sort of era

but the girls are difficult to get with.

A Hot Game for single player!

"i like it"

toooooooooooooo good

"very goooooood"

Very good..

this looks just like a game i seen on another web site, called SimGirl. with the exception of the characters and simgirl was x-rated, but the game play is the same.

3 stars

"nice game"

nice flash game

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"A solid game but I couldn't care less."

-Fast loading

-Easy to learn

-Fun for a short while

I was prepared to like this game, it was pretty, intuitive, and three of the elves were named after charecters in Les Misérables (Eponine, Fantine, and Cosette). It had lots going for it but after about an hour I just found it boring, doing the same actions again and again is not my idea of fun and after the first girlfriend everything just seems stale, the repetitive music made the problem much worse. Also I could find no indication of current hp, I had to wait until I had run out of it.

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"looks familier"

very fun game.

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