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At what point

by grjtech

Does Apple actually satisfy the critics?
When the iPhone came out SJ pushed that it was completely open standards and supported a rich web application development platform but no native development environment was provided or supported.
There was much booing "we want an SDK"
Apple developed and released an SDK for iOS, it supported very advanced app features and gave the think away for free, charging only to publish to the App store.
There was much booing "We want better web app support, stop with the apps"
Apple refined Safari, Webkit and the OS to support the most advanced web features


by Niccodaemus

I've always been a fan of interactive games, and compare every game I play to Myst. I thought "Why can't a website behave more like a game?". I kicked around a couple of ideas for the site design, and was leaning towards a "steampunk" asethetic (see thread on previous page), but I settled for the elvator as it seemed it might be more approachable to a broader audience (I do a lot of work with churches, kids entertainment, etc...).
So I started reasearching loft studios, freight elevators (Richmond has a lot of old tobacco warehouses that are now used as studios), and I built a computer model

How to Fix Inequality After Piketty  — Daily Beast
(Of course, Game of Thrones is also the Game of Thrones of intellectuals.) Conversation starter: ..