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Arcade Style Games
Fun and challenging action games! Play these fun free kids games online!
Marble Lines
Free Online Kids Game

Cart Rider
Free Online Kids' Game
Online Puzzle Games
Strategy Brain Games
Kids strategy games to tease your brain! Some of them are very tricky!
Fruity Faces
4x4 Online Sudoku Game

Mahjong Solitaire
Free Kids' Online Game

BilliLi Color Lines
Kids' Online Game
Online Sport Games
Soccer, bowling and canoeing are amongst the cool kids sporting games in this section!
Golden Arrow 2
Free Online Game

Basketball Hoops
Free Online Game

Snowboard Challenge
Free Online Game
Word Games
Crossword Puzzles, Search-a-Word, scrambles and more! The word is: these games are fun!
Word Guessing Game
Free Online Kids Game

Word Scramble 2
Free Online Kids Game

Word Puzzle Wheel
Free Online Kids Game

Spot the Difference
Online Kids Game

Christmas Tree Light Up
Online Game for Kids
Free Online Christmas Games
Christmas Gift Bounce
Online Kids Game

Christmas Mahjong
Mini (Easy) Version
Memory Games
Kids Concentration Games and the Christmas Memory Game. Good brain exercises. Shapes Concentration
Online Kids' Game

Simon Music Memory
Online Kids' Game

Simon Music Memory
Online Kids' Game
Board & Card Games
Hey Kids! Don't be bored, play a board game or two :)
Koala Checkers
Online Game for Kids

Online Game for Kids

OnlineGame for Kids

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Any ideas for a great homemade math game?

by Learngamer

We are a community that shares free how to make your own educational games and toys to help kids learn.
Do you have a homemade math game? Here's one from us.
Spaceship Tag Math Game
Step 1 - Place three or four small boxes, or balls down randomly on the table and cover them with the table cloth. You will use these large objects to slightly obscure your opponents view of your spaceships, but it can not block your opponent from tagging your ship with her/his crain like tagging pole. You may also add space objects or details on top of the table cloth for more obstacles

Let me give you a crash course....

by pedron

And i'm seriously not being facetious....
creating games requires a LOT of knowledge, especially if you're going to make the whole thing yourself.
first, you have to have a solid idea. that's about .00000001% of the process.
then, you have to learn to code. every movement, every interaction, every surface you touch, every fireball thrown must have it's distance, speed, color, image, properties......etc defined by you the programmer.
then, you have to get it all to work and be able to test it robustly. without a proper way to test code by unit and as a whole you will be totally hosed

Its truly a grey area

by lowfatmuffin

I've visited several preschools and a couple of daycares and sometimes its hard to tell the difference. Some daycares use preschool curriculums starting at age 2, while some preschools really aren't much more than daycare.
I think that at age 2-3 it doesn't really matter what you call it. Call it daycare, call it preschool. What I want is my daughter in a setting with kids her age where they have a good mix of free play time and structured age-appropriate activities. The school that my daughter attends doesn't teach kids to read or explicitly teach ABCs and 123s. They do things like arts and craft, music and cooking that incorporate themes like animals or seasons

How to Fix Inequality After Piketty  — Daily Beast
(Of course, Game of Thrones is also the Game of Thrones of intellectuals.) Conversation starter: ..