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The free blackjack game on this page is intended to replicate the blackjack experience and conditions that you'll find on the Las Vegas Strip. I'm not sure how successfully it duplicates those conditions, especially since blackjack conditions can vary so widely from one casino to another, even on the strip. But it's a fun game with a reasonably low house edge. And since it's completely free and requires no download, you're at no risk of any kind.

The house edge on this game is only 0.36%, making it one of the best bets in the Microgaming family of casino games. The blackjack game is dealt from a four deck shoe, which as far as I know is unusual in an actual Vegas casino, but at one time four decks was pretty standard. The differences in strategy between a four deck and a six or eight deck game are pretty small anyway. The game shuffles after every single deal, so you can't really get an edge by counting cards.

The downloadable version of Microgaming software now features a new upgrade called "Viper". If you have the Viper software installed on your computer, you can play black jack on autoplay, which means the computer will make all the decisions for you. Theoretically, the game is already programmed with perfect strategy, but on the downloadable version you can change the strategy parameters to suit yourself. I'm not a fan of autoplay features, myself, but some people love it.

The Las Vegas Strip is about a 4 or 5 mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard where most of the hotels and casinos in Vegas are located. It's generally divided into the North, Center, and South Strip areas, and different hotels are located in different areas of the strip. The Stratosphere is the northernmost end of the Strip, and the Mandalay Bay, at the time of this writing, is the southernmost point of the strip.

Blackjack conditions on the strip vary pretty widely from one casino to another. This is largely because most of the casinos on the strip vary pretty widely in a lot of ways from one to the other. The Stratosphere and Circus Circus, for example, tend to cater to more of a low roller crowd, and often they have more favorable blackjack rules and conditions than places like the Wynn or the Bellagio, which cater to a customer base with more money.

I don't know of any specific casinos which have the exact same rules variations on their black jack (21) games that are represented in the flash game on this page, but the game is pretty fun and easy to play anyway.

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