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(over a month ago)

I keep blowing up

i died at the end once i got to the other rabbit!!!

the point of making a game is for people to actually be able to play it not for bunnys to ubducted by ufos and blown up by mines!


i say thumbs down because in 30 seconds i keep dieing its boring really boring don't play this game don't waste time this is a warning lol

I personally think that this game is too much. I mean, seriously? landmines and UFO's in a rabbit tunnel? Sure, I'm up for a challenge, but this is too much. Sorry Addictinggames. I have to dislike this.

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  • A game is divided into 3 levels: easy, medium and difficult.
  • The ads bar lies on the bottom.
  • The play button directs you to start game.
  • The different level bases the dynamic flash obstacles on its difficulty.
  • The progress bar prompts you how long the game takes.
  • It pops up the message when lose, success, next round, etc.
  • The game contain various sound effect depend on your actions.
  • After passing through, you can get the prompt message about game result.