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Lock N Load
  • Lock N Load

You have been assigned to a complicated mission as a sniper. A lot of people are depending on you, their lives are at stake, and their safety is in harm's way. In this gun game, your job as a sniper is to take out all of the intruders and rescue the people who were victimized. Don't be too comfortable though, since your life is in danger too! Keep an eye for the bad guys who could spot you and might even be able to take you down.

  • Foxy Sniper

You are Foxy! The sexy sniper assassin that has been asked to do this delicate mission of targeting people that does something harmful to the security of the secret organization. This job is perfectly easy for you since you are a highly trained sharp shooter. All you have to do is listen to the commander and follow his rules. You must remember not to shoot innocent civilians or else the game will be over.Foxy Sniper Get ready and load ammo to your shot gun. Free online sniper games are fun, play more! Just browse's collection of fun and challenging sniper game!

  • Sniper 3

As silent, dreadful, and accurate as you can... make the sniper shots on your target without hesitation. Be careful not to hit innocent people or you'll fail on the given mission.

  • Sniper Assassin 5

Sniper 3Now they have killed Ben and Shawn wants to get revenge on the person responsible. He can do it, but he is going to need to shoot a bunch of people first.

  • Sniper Assassin 3

Sir Sniper has found his wife's killer. But the story only gets more complicated. Fortunately, there's plenty of bullets to go around!

  • Angry Girlfriend

Sniper Assassin 5For some of the boys, it's okay that people are angry at them except for maybe one... their girlfriends. In this shooting game, you're not about to kill your girlfriend but to let her fall in-love with you again by shooting love missiles. But not everyone is mad at you so try not to shoot those innocent happy people. Your main goal is to shoot your angry girlfriend in fastest time possible to earn score but avoid the other people who are coming your way or it'll be a deduction from your current score. Have fun and let your girlfriend know that you love her!

  • Sniper Hunter 3

Go find the enemy! The ninjas are hiding in town. You need to find them as soon as possible. Shoot them all with your sniper gun. The people are counting on your sniper skill.

  • Hobbit Rampage

Your goal is to fight your way through 25 levels, 5 worlds, and a you have to kill lots of baddies. Collect the coins along the way to gain points and also grab the weapons as you find them. Dont kill little bunnies.

Angry Girlfriend Sniper Hunter 3 Hobbit Rampage Urban Sniper 4

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Southpeak Velvet Assassin - PC
Video Games (Southpeak)
  • The ability to briefly stop time in-game via Morphine Mode, which allows for easy dispatching of enemies or escape as needed.
  • A beautifully detailed and dreamily frightening vision of the the adventures of a female WWII undercover assassin based on the real-life experiences of Violette...
  • The ability to adjust heroine Violette s attributes to suit player preferences: Stealth, Strength and more through awards earned in-game.
  • Access to a large variety of weapons and stealth gadgets true to 1940 s WWII technology.
  • Gameplay that is an incredible mix of assassination moves, satisfying firefights and hold-your-breath stealth action.