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Adobe's Shockwave Player is a free program that displays multimedia content created with Adobe Director. Shockwave Player is installed on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. With it, you can display advanced Web content such as video and games, presentations, advertising, and interactive materials. This free plug-in is compatible with most major Web browsers.

We downloaded and installed Shockwave Player. The installation wizard included an optional download of an unrelated program, but we declined it, and Shockwave Player installed normally. This simple plug-in is self-contained and requires no settings or options, though you can see if it's been installed and which version from your browser's plug-in manager. But how do you know it's even working? Adobe has the answer with its Test Adobe Shockwave Player tool. When you can see the animation displayed in the Web-based tool's box, your installation is complete.

When our installation was finished, we were able to click Create, to try Adobe Director; See, to access the Director and Shockwave Player Content Showcase; or About, to learn more about Shockwave Player. We clicked About to visit the plug-in's product page, which offers FAQs, licensing information, support and training, and other information, including samples of Director-created content to try in our Shockwave Player installation.

We browsed back and opened the content showcase, which offered many links to game developers and multimedia content providers that use Director and Shockwave Player. Some of the sample content we viewed tried to install toolbars and other unneeded software, so be aware.

There's no comparison between using Shockwave Player to display Director-created content and not using it, because you can't; like Flash, you need the plug-in to see the content. By the way, Shockwave Player displays content created with Adobe Director, while Flash Player displays content created with Adobe Flash Professional. While the content is similar, Director-created content is typically more performance-intensive and focused on gaming, 3D, and online entertainment, while Flash is more suitable for Web applications, online advertising, and animations.

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by bankruptsteve

You can find some flash games here.
These are games that you do not have to install to your computer and use a program called flash. I think you will understand after you check out the site. and abandonware is REALLY old games in which you cant find on the shelves anymore and are pretty much free to download online. so you could find games like lemmings and alladin for free. Sorry I dont have a good link to a place to get some abandonware since I dont like old games really.
If all your planning on doing is playing games from ten years ago then you wont need to but a new computer, but if you ever want to play something better then you should consider taking a look into the craigslist computer section for a better computer

Freebies In Our Industry

by Belligerent

My husband and I work in two separate industries. He in consumer electronics and me in high-tech corporate marketing. In both of our careers, we've received many free items as gifts or samples. Both of our companies have no policy about samples & gifts. I'm kind of curious what other people receive as part of their jobs.
I think it's pretty cool that we can get these things because they are most items we would have normally purchased anyways. And then sometimes, we get duplicates or extras which we then pass onto family members or friends. Sometimes, if there's no one to pass these onto, I'll Ebay or barter them on CL

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