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Air Maze 3
  • Air Maze 3

Fly using the balloons through the easy to difficult maze. Use your gun to shoot the obstacles. Avoid sharps or else the game will be over. Good luck and have fun playing shooting games!

  • Soakamon

Water balloon fight! Throw water balloons at your opponent. Strive for the bonus, urine-filled balloon!

  • Mayan Bubbles

Check out this new bubble shooter game! Enjoy playing with Mayan inspired graphics and setting. Challenge yourself and see how many bubbles you can destroy. Match the colors to destroy and blast the bubbles out. Be accurate and fast as you can. Time is gold in this game! Score high then compare your score to your friends. Invite them to play free online bubble shooting game!

  • Thrust Ii

SoakamonAs you probably already guessed this is a gravity lander game. In this one you also have to navigate your ship and shoot ballons.

  • Ballista

Not all the shooting games are filled with gruesome, violent, weird, and scary contents. Just like this game, it\'s as colorful as the rainbow and as peaceful as the sunset. You\'re in control of a Ballista with limited arrows to be used on each and your objective is to pop all the balloons by color required in each wave to advance to the next one. Each popped balloon has corresponding money to be earned. Also, watch out for some obstacles!

  • Balloon Fly

Mayan BubblesFly with the balloons and avoid the hill of torns. Good luck!

  • Balloon Shooting

A simple yet fun game where you have to shoot at floating balloons. As you get better, the balloons float up faster which make the game more challenging. Enjoy!

  • Magic Arrow

Your mission is to destroy all blue balloons in 15 levels. If you hit 4 red balloons you will loose one round. Yellow gives you extra arrows.Green is extra arrow speed.

  • Tom And Jerry In Refriger Raiders

Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry you drop cheese to Nibbles.

  • Kaboomz

With this free shooting games, stragetically shoot and blow the red balloons. Don't let them off the air.

  • Balloony

Accumulate points by shooting down anything that flies, floats, glides whatever. This can be anything from hot air balloons, to black birds and even spaceships. But just be careful not to shoot down your own friends, you'll get to know who they are once y

  • Bridge Guardian

Enemy soldiers are attacking the bridge and you have to save the bridge till your 50 soldiers cross over to your territory.

  • Im With Stupid

Help the stupid guy reach the exit!

  • High On Holi

Travel the maze-like city heading towards the end while dodging water balloons.

  • Spongebob Super Archer

This is funny archer shooting game! Spongebob and Patrick the Star Fish have an under water archery competition. Please help Spongebob shoot the balloon, you will get the score after every hit. Good luck!

Thrust Ii Ballista Balloon Fly Balloon Shooting

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I wouldn’t speak to Player 1 again that night.
That’s the nature of the Crush-O-Matic. On one end, you pick a Flash game and whether you’d like to play with a male or a female, then it automatically does the rest. You’re never guaranteed to see the same person twice (though with the small number of people on the site, it’ll probably happen). This interaction, which never goes beyond the small selection of Flash games on the site, is free. What it does do is give you a window to advertise yourself. A little nudge, if you will. “This is random, but if you want a guaranteed game with me, you can buy some credits and pick me

1984 molested in Daytona Beach hotel need help

by dan70sully

In 1984 i was on vacation with my family to daytona beach. I
believe we stayed at the Holiday Inn (Atlantic ave.)right on the
beach.During my stay i was molested by an employee of the hotel.A maintenance worker .I was
13 years of age.He befriended me by giving me free games in the
arcade,and being friendly to me.The first time this happened it was
early morning i went for a swim before my family joined me.He asked me
i wanted to see the view from the roof,I was excited to go on the roof
so i did.He would take me to the roof via an elevator then stairs

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