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This beautiful Flash Chess game boosts concentration, memory, and logical reasoning. Unlike many online chess games, this game displays the chess board in three dimensions (3D) rather than as a two-dimensional flat board.

To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window.

This online chess game includes all standard chess rules, including castling and en-passant. It also follows "draw" conditions on three repetitions or 50 pawn-less moves.

If you like Flash Chess, you might also enjoy, the, and the other on this site.

Instructions for 3D Flash Chess

HOW TO PLAY. To begin playing Flash Chess, click the "Click to Start" button. Then choose the Advanced, Casual, or Novice option depending on your skill level.

Novice Mode. In novice mode, the computer plays chess at its lowest level. Use this setting if you're still learning chess or if you want to beat the Flash Chess computer quickly.

Casual Mode. In casual mode, the Flash Chess computer thinks for about one second. This is a good setting for quick matches when you have only a short amount of time to play.

flash chessAdvanced Mode. In advanced mode, the computer plays chess at its normal level. The chess computer will think for about 5 seconds. This level can be challenging for normal players.

MOVING THE PIECES. To move a chess piece, first click the piece. This highlights possible moves in green. Then click the square where you want the piece to go.

If you decide you don't want to move the highlighted chess piece, click it again to deselect it. Then you'll be able to choose another piece to move. (If you don't deselect the currently highlighted chess piece, you can't select a different piece.)

For example, suppose I decide to move King's Knight from its starting position to King's Bishop 3, so I click the knight. Then I decide to move the Queen's Pawn instead. Before I can select the Queen's Pawn, I need to deselect the King's Knight by clicking on it to remove the green highlighted squares.

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