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Bubble Trouble is a bubble pop game that trains concentration and reaction time. Burst all the bubbles on each level with your arrows, but don't let any bubbles touch you.

Click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left. This opens the game in a pop-up window. Then click the yellow arrow to open the menu.

Bubble Trouble can be played solo, or you can play simultaneously with a friend. For a real challenge, try playing this bubble pop game in two player mode by yourself. You'll have to control one character with your left hand while controlling the other character with your right, making that sure neither character is touched by the bubbles.

Bubble Pop Game - Instructions

HOW TO PLAY. The default controls in Bubble Trouble are the Arrow Keys for movement and the Spacebar to shoot arrows. If you prefer, click the Controls button to change to mouse controls instead. You can even program different keyboard keys in the Controls window to customize the game to your style of play.

You definitely want to proceed logically and deliberately in this game. Rushing will only get you hit by a bubble in short order. Whenever you shoot a bubble, it divides into two smaller bubbles. After shooting each bubble, be sure to avoid the two smaller ones that are spawned.

Note: It is not necessary to hit the bubbles with the tip of your arrow. As long as the bubble touches any part of the string attached to the arrow (or if you hit it with the head of the arrow) it will pop.

The bubbles bounce higher than head level. This means if you position your character carefully, bubbles will bounce over him harmlessly. However, if you shoot too many big bubbles without cleaning up the small ones, you'll reach a point where it is impossible to either shoot all the small bubbles heading toward you or avoid them.

For that reason, you might want to clean up small bubbles as you go (i.e., don't pop every big bubble right off the bat). Of course, going too slowly in this bubble pop game isn't a good strategy either, because on each level you are on a timer. Thus you need to balance care and strategy with a conscious awareness of the time remaining.

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