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Castle Hero is a sequel of Age of Defense. In this intense tower defense-style, battle strategy / shooting game, you must defend your base from 4 new bosses and use 8 new magical spells. Utilizing a very simple mouse-clicking throwing / shooting action, you must face down repeated waves of rapidly evolving enemies (hordes of outrageous creatures) intent on razing your fortress to the ground. Although you are the last warrior standing in defense of your castle, you have the unique benefit of experiencing the evolutionary nature of warfare, and can upgrade your weaponry as time passes. From initial skirmishes against cavemen with sticks and stones, to futuristic stand-offs with space-age army soldiers, this truly is a battle of the ages!

This extremely-tactical battle action game is similar to classic titles in the strategy / defense genre such as Epic War, Army of Ages, Barbarians At The Gates. Good decision making, shrewd military-style tactics, and the key skill to react quickly in adversity are all essential here, while a cool head under pressure can be a priceless virtue in the heat of the moment. Can you ‘move with the times’ and evolve your fighting style in order to match the masses of enemies coming your way? Good luck!

How to Play: In each level, your goal is to successfully defend your base against the many enemy soldiers that attack from the left side of the game screen. To do this, you have to strike them down using stones, arrows, missiles, guns, and other cool weaponry that evolves as you progress through the game. Your lone defensive warrior stands above on your base ledge positioned to the right hand side of the game screen.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click to fire / throw your respective weapon to repel the advancing enemies. The longer you hold down the click, the more power you exert in your throw. In early levels you simply have a large rock, but more sophisticated weapons become available as you progress.

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