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Free Flash Miniclip games

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Miniclip provides a great range of free flash games to play online. A selection of challenging puzzle games, heart-stopping action games, sports games and racing games, have been reviewed, tested and included on the Flutterby site for your entertainment.

All of the Miniclip games found on this site have been deemed suitable for children of all ages by Flutterby Entertainment staff. If you feel that any of the games found on the pages of this site are inappropriate please let us know.

Miniclip games are always bright, fun and challenging to game players of all ages. Most games are controlled using the arrow keys and the space bar, although some games utilise the mouse as a controller.

Flutterby Entertainment provides the following 20 Miniclip games for you to play online. Tennis Ace, Shootin’ Hoops, Bloomin’ Gardens, Crash Down, Bubble Trouble, Penguin Push, Reel Gold, X-Raye, Little Rocket Man, Flashman, Red Beard, Gravity, Gyroball, Sheepish, Magic Balls, Miniclip Rally, Monkey Lander, Shove It, Smashing and Surf’s Up.

Everyone has their favourite style of game, whether they like thrilling action games, puzzle games, racing games or exciting sport games. To play the Miniclip game of your choice, simply click on the corresponding link in the alphabetical list below or visit the Flutterby Game Menu.

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Anyone else....

by BluntMan

Slackin' off today? Well if you are, has some fun, FREE, yes FREE, games you can play! All you need is flash, and you can even download the games and play them on your hard drive, or just play them from the site.
Anyhow, my favorites so far are: alien abduction, slackers, and couronne. Hope yall have a good day and lots of fun.

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