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Description of Perfect Pizza

Pizza City has so much in common with the first two Grand Theft Auto games it seems to fall somewhere between spoof and demake. Like the notorious crime sims from Rockstar Games, you roam a city with virtual free reign in your car via a bird's eye view. There is a main goal (delivering pizzas and working your way up the pizzeria career ladder), but there are also plenty of other side quests to undertake, too. Pizza City isn't for everyone and the relatively simple gameplay may turn some off, but there's more depth lurking here than meets the eye and it definitely rewards those who choose to stick with it.

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Slackin' off today? Well if you are, has some fun, FREE, yes FREE, games you can play! All you need is flash, and you can even download the games and play them on your hard drive, or just play them from the site.
Anyhow, my favorites so far are: alien abduction, slackers, and couronne. Hope yall have a good day and lots of fun.

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