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The original Street Fighter first came into existence on August 30th 1987. It is believed that the game was responsible for increasing the gaming public's interest in arcade gaming once again. Especially since there had been a rise in popularity of the home based console. Street Fighter as the title suggests is a game of the fighting genre, which later gained the aptly named moniker of beat em up.

The game was designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto. The game play was quite simple, the player took control of a character named Ryu who travelled the world competing in various martial art tournaments, pitting his wits against 10 other fighters to become the street fighting champion.

As the gamer you had control of Ryu's punch and kick attacks, as well as the more powerful special attacks, which took some practice to achieve. Street fighter became very popular and was soon released into the home based console and computer markets.

Then on June 2nd 1992 Capcom released the second incarnation of the series, and with the release of Street Fighter 2, the franchise became the global phenomenon that we know today.

The History of: Street Fighter 2

Designed by Akira Nishitani and Akira Yasuda, Street Fighter 2 was the first ever beat em up to let the gamer pick from a variety of different characters, which increased the level of depth and play ability tenfold. Each of the games characters had approximately 30 regular moves at his or her disposal, plus the addition of throwing moves or grapples, and 2 – 3 special moves. As with the first Street Fighter these moves required a certain dexterity to pull off successfully.

To complete the single player campaign, the gamer had to beat 7 opponents in succession. Once the first stage was completed, the player then had to contend with four boss levels to achieve the status of street fighting champion.

Street Fighter 2's success eclipsed the original, which saw the game made into various conversions for the home market. Since it's release there have been various upgrades of the franchise, which include Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, in this edition the players could select the four bosses as playable characters, Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers which introduced new levels of graphical excellence and as the name suggests, new playable characters, and the final arcade edition entitled Street Fighter 2 Turbo: The Ultimate Championship, which saw the game play improve even further and included a new technique called super combos.

Even today the game can still compete in the high-tech world, and a new and updated version called Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix is about to be released on Playstation and Xbox 360. The Street Fighter franchise is still going from strength to strength and should be a worthy edition to any gamers collection.

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It's not through magic, nor is this a bootleg copy of the game. It's actually a program made by a company called iSwifter, who normally stream simple Flash games to handheld devices through the "cloud", but who in this case have made an exception and got a custom version of Starcraft running instead.
Some controls are accessed via the "buttons" along the side of the screen, while others are done by using more iPad-like gestures like pinching and dragging on the game screen itself

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