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ZombieGames has the largest, most fun, and most complete collection of zombie flash games on the Internet. PCGamer called the site, "The most comprehensive zombie-game site on the Net." Enjoy our collection of zombie flash games!

Zombie flash games like Boxhead are on Zombie Games!

Zombie flash games are free zombie games that are played online via the Internet. Zombie flash games are distinct from normal video and other computer zombie games in that they do not require any client side software to be installed. There are zombie games that rely solely on client-side technologies such as a zombie flash game and a common plugin such as Java or Flash, whereas other also employ server-side scripting. The latter case are typically MMO zombie flash games, whereas the client-side zombie games are typically single-player games. Zombie flash games played in as a zombie game is often called a zombie flash game.

Zombie Flash Games are Free!

Plugin-based online zombie flash games require a form of web zombie flash plugin to function. Some of these may include Java, Shockwave and Flash, with some of these plugins available through default installations of most modern day zombie flash games. The games created using these technologies rely heavily on the client's zombie flash to download and utilize the flash game's code on the client side. Due to this fact, it allows users to more easily hack the code on their end, denying fair multiplayer gameplay, therefore a large majority of zombie flash games today are still single player. The upside to this is that since the client does most of the processing, the server does not receive a heavy bandwidth load of requests.

Play Zombie Flash Games Online

Zombie flash games similar to Boxhead Zombie Wars use web technologies like AJAX to allow players to play multiplayer or submit and share their highscores more easily with other zombie flash game players online.

Many zombie flash games are created using server-side scripting, in languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python and Java. Zombie flash games such as this store all code server side and only send the user's zombie flash game HTML markup language for interpretation. Some include JavaScript or AJAX to allow the user to see immediate responses to their online zombie fighting actions and make the games more visually appealing. Having all online game code server side allows for a more secure setting as the Boxhead 2 Player does not have direct access to it, making it harder to alter the code and cheat.

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