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Free Tri Solitaire Flash games

This game requires Flash

Get to the top in this fast-paced solitaire card game!

Developed by: Game Factory
  • Clear all the cards from the peaks before time runs out.
  • Face up cards can be put in the discard pile if they are one higher or one lower than the current discarded card.
  • Click the face down cards next to the discard pile for additional cards if you get stuck.

Detailed Instructions
Tips: Place cards from the tri-peaks tableau onto the discard pile to reveal more cards. Playable cards are either one higher or one lower than the car face up on the discard pile. At any time, you can click one of the face down cards next to the discard pile to place it on the top of the pile. You get points for each card you place on the discard pile and extra points for clearing each of the peaks

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