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psp3000Gamers who want to see the relatively small library of PSP titles expand should go out and buy games that are copyrighted. Game Informer recently featured an interview with a Sony of America spokesperson who said one of the reasons the selection of titles was for the PSP was so small was because of the number of people downloading commercial titles for free onto their PSP. Please keep that in mind. This article will discuss legal games you can download, though once you have modified your PSP in this manner it is up to your own conscience to not download illegal ones as well.

Modifying the PSP Firmware

1. The first step to getting free PSP games is to download the custom firmware that allows this. You need to modify the firm ware. If you want additional functionality, you can buy Playbrewstation for $29. You can find custom versions of the hacked firmware for less.

2. Copy the hacked firmware onto a Sony memory card or flash drive. The PSP uses a non-standard SD card size and the first option may require a special card reader.

3. Power up the PSP. Go to the memory card options on the main menu and load the software. The software asks you if you are sure you want to do this. Hacking the PSP firmware can invalidate Sony’s warranty, just as the Wii Homebrew channel can for the Wii. Make sure your PSP is plugged in

playstation brew cover4. Turn off the PSP when the software finishes installing.

Download Homebrew Games on Your PSP

The Playstation Brew software lets the PSP run emulators which lets the user run games from older consoles such as the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. You will still need the software.

1. Download the ISO or the Homebrew software you want to play onto the SD card or the flash drive. PSP games will usually be in ISO format. Older games may have special extensions to their emulator.

2. Put the SD card into the PSP and go to the Homebrew option from the main menu.

3. Select the games from this software. Different applications may require a person to put the games in a special folder. Consult the documentation for the specific homebrew software to find out where you need to install the items.

Homebrew Software is Legal

As long as you are using homebrew games or own the emulators for the older systems, using the hacked firmware does not raise any legal issues. One of the problems that Sony has had with the PSP is the relative ease of pirating the UMDs. This has limited the number of titles and has resulted in the relatively small number of titles that appear for the PSP. Video game console manufacturers typically do not like the users modifying their hardware in this way. A user who modifies his PSP console may find that official repair locations will not fix problems relating to upgrading the firmware for free.

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