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Stickman Siege free Flash games

Worms Level 1
  • Worms Level 1

You might think that this game that has the title of Worms would be a fight with other worms, adjusting angles, and measuring fire-power. Think different, this game has come to the sewers and your job is to control a worm shooting and slashing enemies while switching weapons from sword to a gun.

  • Rapid 2

Get in to this challenging air shooting game! As a top notched air fighting pilot, I'm sure this mission will be easy for you. You need to race to check points in little time while you have enough fuel. Avoid all the obstacles and shoot all the enemies to move forward. Don't let the enemies get you or the aircraft might fall down. Remember that the faster you get to the check points, more points will be credited to your score. As the levels progress, the game speed increases.Rapid 2 Use arrow keys to move the aircraft and letter Z to shoot.

  • Torture Stickman

Join the sports festival! Play the archery. Show them what you've got. We know how hard you practice shooting using your bow and arrow. Your technic is already perfect and you can now successfully shoot objects from far. But what if you need to shoot a bomb above the stickman's head? This is a torture game! The game is over when the bow hits the stickman's body.

  • Artillery

Torture StickmanThis version of Artillery is a shooting game for a single person against the computers. Similar to the game worms, your objective is to destroy the enemy tanks by adjusting the power of your weapon and estimating the right angle to hit your target. Consider the wind's direction before you do anything, you'll be given seconds to prepare for your attack. After the time is done or you have chosen to fire all the tanks will release their attacks.

  • UFO Hunt

The hunt for the unidentified flying object starts now! Come play this action packed galaxy game! Shoot different UFO to be able to successfully proceed to the next level. Be aware that shooting a wrong UFO will deduct a life! So be careful not to shoot it! Collect upgrades as you see it to have a much powerful weapon! Good luck!

  • Carnival Shooter Game

Choose which game you'd like to play and then shoot as many targets as possible to try and win a prize! Avoid shooting the white flags. Shoot lightning bolts for a speed boost! Use your mouse to click the ducks or sea creatures as they float by. Don't miss any or you'll loose a life!

  • Hit The Jackpot

Participate in different international tournaments in Archery. Take your accuracy and precision to the test, control the movement of your arrow by using your bow carefully. Win the competitions and be known as the champion. Use your mouse to hit the target successfully.

Artillery UFO Hunt Carnival Shooter Game Hit The Jackpot

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Good games for older machine

by qwertyguy

I have a dell optiplex, 800mhz, 256mb for a child. I want to set it up as a simple games machine. and other flash games tned to run real slow. I put win2k on it and am looking for simple flash games or other freeware games for an 11yr old boy.
I even installed puppy linux, but the flash is still slow.

CL is becoming an illegal bootleg paradise!

by toobored438

What do I see in CL toys & games?
Modded Xbox 360s with either burned DVds or the HDD loaded with games.
Modded Wii consoles
Services to mod a 360 or Wii
Flash carts for the Nintendo DS, preloaded with games.
People selling emulator and ROM CD-Rs.
Offers to install freeware emulators at high prices.
And when you actually try to sell legit copeis of games or unmodded systems? These people yell at you for cutting into their piracy business!
Funny that there's this "big deal" about erotic services when T&G is crammed with 10X the illegal content.

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